A Positive Place for Boys to Grow

Camp Pathfinder remains a rustic north woods island camp, hosting boys from around the world. Here, 115 campers and 75 staff thrive on summers spent in a simple, screen-free lifestyle. The focus is on muscle-powered outdoor sports, on building maturity and independence, and on friendships and character.

Smart Traditions for Today

At our rustic canoe camp, positive adventures and goals fill a boy's active Pathfinder day. Signature Pathfinder trips are the heart of a rich camp program, exploring Algonquin and beyond in traditional wood-canvas canoes. A full in-camp program features swimming, paddle sports, athletics, ropes, north woods skills, and more. A homegrown guide staff provides personal attention with a 1:2 counselor-camper ratio. And each day, Pathfinder traditions are shared between everyone in this special community.

"Jonathan had a great time on both of his trips, and goes over the pictures regularly. What a good experience for those guys! Thanks for the great opportunity you’re offering all of your campers, and my sons in particular. They will carry that experience the rest of their lives."

-David, Camp Parent, Parkland, FL

A Boy's Summer Life

A boy's paradise, Pathfinder is active summer days full of adventure, challenge and fun, on the island or exploring the back country. Canoe trips, in-camp sports, timeless woods camp routines - all mentored by an incomparable staff.

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Pathfinder Leadership and Friendship

The quality of leadership at summer camp makes all the difference. Pathfinder staff members are raised from within the camper ranks. Their philosophy emphasizes friendship, support and encouragement when guiding their campers. Staff training and preparation for positive leadership is the very best available in camping. The Staff-to-Camper ratio at Pathfinder has always been 1:2. This ensures individual attention for every boy, and the proper safety and supervision on Pathfinder canoe trips.

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Setting and Tradition

Pathfinder's close community of campers, staff and alumni is enriched by long history.
The routines, traditions and values of the camp are shared by 4 generations, remaining vibrant as Pathfinder begins a second century of camping.

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Pathfinder Island and Algonquin Park provide a spectacular north woods setting. Algonquin is the crown jewel in the Ontario Parks system. Pathfinder has remained beautifully wooded on secluded Source Lake, headwater of the Madawaska River. Here in Canada's canoe country is a chance to live in a pristine ecosystem.

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Camp History and Community

Living, working an playing together in friendship and cooperation is essential, for a base camp on a 17-acre island, or on a small trip crew of 9 paddlers. Pathfinder puts the priority on each boy knowing he's a valued member of a unique community with a century of heritage. There is a richness of shared experience and purpose for all of our campers. Each day's social interactions build up this richness through light-hearted cooperation, teamwork and mutual respect.

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