Pathfinder Outreach

The Syria Project, Indigenous Initiative & Camp Scholarships

In service to our campers, staff members, parents and alumni, Camp Pathfinder conducts outreach programs that engage underserved communities in the benefits and enrichment of the Pathfinder experience.

The Syria Project began in 2016, and coordinates with both private family sponsor and government-assisted refugee resettlement organizations. Syrian and Iraqi families fleeing sectarian violence and beginning a new life in North America are welcomed to Pathfinder so their boys can join the camp season. It is a goal that some will have a full camper career and join the staff. The camp itself covers all tuition expense, and provides for religious observance, appropriate menu, and Arabic language support. Donations for the boys' clothing, trip, transport and incidental expenses have been generously offered by alumni and camper families, as well as Amici Camping Scholarship and KidsInCamp charities, Toronto. The camp project was the subject of a documentary film in 2017, and a number of camps now follow suit.
'New Homeland' Trailer

Algonquin Campership Fund, an alumni fund of Camps Pathfinder and Northway, was established in 2000 to provide scholarships to camp for children whose families demonstrate severe financial need. The Fund provides for partial or complete scholarship support in the US, for both individual boys and girls, and for school-to-camp visits for underserved urban populations.

In Canada, Amici and KidsInCamp are Canadian partners with Pathfinder, providing camp scholarship support to children in need.

Pathfinder Indigenous Initiative is multi-faceted, beginning in 2009 with the advent of collaborative canoe trip experiences between our senior camper expeditions and families in remote Bay communities accessed by the trips. In 2017, the camp began a cooperative truth & reconciliation canoe trip with bay Cree youth, in partnership with Mushkegowuk Council and Camp Wabun, Temagami. In 2018, the camp began a collaboration with Algonquin cultural educator Christine Luckasavitch McRae, committed to indigenous camper scholarships, tripper exchanges, and cultural education for our campers and staff. In 2019, the camp established an annual collaboration with the 'Gathering of Our People' organized by the Algonquins at Whitefish Lake, gifting the food for this important annual event. In 2020, these programs continue, along with new initiatives. First, partnering with the camps and lodges of Algonquin to c0-publish with Friends of Algonquin an historical text on the experience of Algonquin peoples in the region of today's Algonquin Provincial Park. Second, Pathfinder is partnering with Algonquin Outfitters to have an authentic birchbark canoe crafted in Algonquin Park by master builder Chuck Commanda.