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April 2021

April 12 YouTube PREMIERE Event - 7:30 pm est

Kids NEED camp! Tune in with Pathfinder, the OCA (Ontario Camps Association), and tens of thousands in the greater camp community to help Ontario find the path back to camp.

YouTube Link

Pathfinder's COVID-Plan 

See our concise summary of summer plans to date. We're sharing the broad strokes now so families can be prepared. Details at our regular Zoom meetings.

What Parents Can Do Now

Get a leg up on preparing for a fantastic camper experience at Pathfinder! 

Parent Bulletins

Latest updates on camp's journey to reopening in 2021.     
Get in-depth info and spring to-do's.

2021 Chipmonk Chatter & Camper Roster

Enjoy our NewYear's Chipmonk Chatter, a  collection of stories, summer updates, rosters, and camp lore. Also, take a look at our current camper roster for summer 2021.

See our 2021 Chatter & Roster here. 

2021 Season Calendar

Get a peak at the chock-full calendar of Pathfinder events for Season 2021. Schools, Camp sessions, Family Camp and more.

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Monday, April 12, 7:30-8:30 pm

Lighting the Path to Camp 2021

A YouTube Premiere Event Presented by the Ontario Camps Association. #planforcamp

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Calling ALL Pathfinder families, campers, staff and alumni - This is a call to action. We need your help to make sure the Ontario government says YES now to our 2021 overnight camps.


We need EVERYONE. High attendance is essential to this event's success.This means you! Advocacy now will ensure we receive the go-ahead to operate in enough time to prep.


A turnout of over 10,000 will make a HUGE impact on policy makers' timetable for officially reopening camps.


Tune in to this special one hour program for Pathfinder and other accredited Ontario camps to open on time this summer. All OCA camps will be present for this YouTube premiere: a virtual rally detailing health and safety plans that will authorize the reopening of camps in 2021.

You’ll enjoy hearing from camping and health professionals on details of the guidance and practices camps like Pathfinder will adopt for a healthy, fun summer. Learn how to follow up with government and public health officials to let them know how you feel. Our kids are so looking forward to summer - hear from campers themselves, talking about how much they’ve missed camp and how excited they are to be heading back this summer.


Join us on Zoom!

- Stay tuned for April Zoom dates -

First April meeting - Tuesday Apr. 6, 7:30 pm with Sladds
Q&A on Summer, Canoe Trips, Health Protocols, Camp Life, Packing & more...

All are welcome - new & veteran families/campers

• Jump on board to a meeting designed for you and your camper.

• Listen in to find out what campers and parents need to know.

• Learn more by reading our most recent Parent Bulletin.

• Questions? Send us an email!


Get ready for an epic summer 2021

At our January Gear Drive

Your donations helped us outfit CPI scholarship campers & school students who are unable to afford essential trip gear.

Thank you for Giving!

You can still help! If you have items to donate, email our Director directly to find out where you can drop off.

Algonquin Campership Fund

You can still help!

Donate to the Algonquin Campership Fund to help provide scholarships to future campers, allowing them to experience a summer in the Park.

What Can I Donate?

  • Hiking Boots

  • Rain Gear & Warm Coats

  • Base, Mid & Shell Layers

  • Warm Hats & Gloves

  • Canoe Paddles

  • 3-Season Sleeping Bags

  • PFDs

  • Dry Bags, any size

  • Thermarests

  • Headlamps

  • Wool Socks

  • Books

Thank you for helping provide gear to CPI campers in need

Here at Pathfinder, we know a good canoe trip is that much better when you have the right gear. There are a lot of us out there with some great gear piling up in the closet or garage. Providing help to campers who don't have this gear can make all the difference between a good summer and a great one.


Your generous gift to Gear Drive helped ensure a comfortable, safe canoe trip for all campers, no matter their financial means. Scholarship campers and school students will receive needed gear on arrival at camp. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


2021 New Year's 


Our New Year edition of Chatter shares 2021 summer updates, information, photos, staff and camper rosters, bits of nostalgia, and more.


Take a look at our updated Camper Roster and see who is on board so far for summer. - Enjoy!

Read New Year's Chatter 2021 


2021 Camp Calendar

New May.png

Make a gift to the Algonquin Campership Fund here

Getting kids to camp and the outdoors is so important - please donate!

What is the Algonquin Campership Fund

ACF, founded in 2000, provides camperships to children in need, to attend a traditional wilderness canoe camp in Algonquin Park, ON, Canada. 


Included are Camp Pathfinder for boys, and Camp Northway for girls. Also, co-ed inner-city school field trips can attend camp for outdoor education and leadership experiences.


Why Donate? 100-Percent!

Gifts to ACF go 100% to awarding camp tuition to families in need. And, scholarships may cover up to 100% of camp costs for a qualifying family.

acf pic.png

Roc The Day

ACF is a proud select charity of ROCtheDay, a local 24-hour online event that takes place each year on ‘Giving Tuesday’ (Dec. 1) A special project of United Way, ROCtheDay rallies donors to support select not-for-profit organizations in the Greater Rochester area. 

Rochester, NY Connections to Algonquin Park Camps?  

Camp Pathfinder and Camp Northway are renowned Algonquin-based camps, established by Rochester outdoor leaders in the early 1900’s. Both ROCtheDay and the fund's parent organization The Community Foundation are based in Rochester.


Our autumn edition of Chatter shares just a slice of the huge trove of ‘old stuff’ illuminating camp's ‘old days’. But don’t be fooled. The old stuff you see here also reflects forward to today’s camp. Take a deep dive into Pathfinder culture, history and  highlights 2020 - photos, essays,  and artifacts from the summer crew.

Designed by our own Paige Clark - Enjoy!

Read Autumn Chatter 2020          View 2020 Photo Album 


Summer 2020 Projects

Source Lake, November 2020.Does the Island Sleep?No, she only dozes.

The normal bustle of May Crew was absent for the first time this year, since Glenn and Sladds took over camp in 2000. And then, of course, Summer 2020 was cancelled when Ontario closed overnight camps. But CPI is indeed only dozing: a tiny work crew polished and prepped camp for all the action we're looking forward to in 2021.

A sign of renovations this year? This still life of items lost under the Canoe Dock over many years, recovered once the decking came off in July.
Every object tells a story?

View our Summer 2020 photos here

The Source Remains the Same ...

Sladds was in Canada when the border closed March 21, and lived in Huntsville, where he monitored the pandemic and worked for the Ontario Camps Association board as a volunteer. Commercial leaseholders were permitted into Algonquin when the park was otherwise closed to the public.  For him, a trip to Whitney might see no other cars on Hwy. 60. Ice walks to the island became walks on the camp road and rail bed, as snow and ice rotted. And then, suddenly, ice was out on Source by May 1. The park was in its full glory. Where would the summer lead?

Late May saw camp closures announced, and we set up some maintenance projects for this regrettably historic summer. Water levels dropped with an early summer heat wave, and a big storm hit the park. Summer brought high heat and perfect swimming water, along with a ravenous crop of chipmunks and squirrels. The crew gathered and set to work. Autumn started wet and finished in a rare stretch of warmth. We snapped the padlocks late, around Nov. 10. The lake was glass.

So, Shine Up the Conveyances ...

Our legendary camp vans and trailers were completely refreshed for 2021 trucking, and the railing pontoon barge went home to the mothership for a month of beauty treatments, plus a new center pod and pontoon end caps.

CPI canoe maker Dave Statten kept busy in his Bancroft shop over winter, rebuilding 4 classic Pathfinder trip canoes: the Tom Pigeon, the Jake/Gerry Brent Store, the Stan Rand, and the Roy Thrall.


These canoes arrived back at Source with David for spring finishing by our small Canadian June crew. Freshly canvased and light as feathers, they were filled, sanded and painted by Simon McNamee, Riley Hanson, Savannah French and Ally Rail.

A Summer of Brushing ...

Many crew days were about painting, varnishing, oiling and staining everything in sight, from deck chairs to canoes to screen doors, platform tents and window frames. Here on the lake side of Lodge One we’re staining but also adding trim siding above and below the new windows.


This is one of camp’s oldest buildings, and was for many years a workshop, since replaced by Bug House. But Lodge One is now as she originally was, a sleepage tucked up against the lake with great views. The lodge sports the old railway sign for Source and Pathfinder, and makes a great first impression when you land at camp’s ‘front yard.’




The wee George Liederhaus canoe got a new canvas and coats of baby blue. More brushes painted cabin interiors and furnishings.


Pierre Roy's space-age panel reorganized our water treatment equipment for under the DH. Note a refinished and covered Giesler in background.

A mountain of firewood is coming from storm damage and our hardwood supplier Gilbert in Whitney. (Wait until you see the OCR.) Donated chip from Park tree-felling came to camp.


The crew weeded and replanted the gardens in front of the DH, and the place is looking terrific with new trail chip everywhere.

Star-studded supporting cast ...

Canoe work is again a daily routine on CPI. With gorgeous new outer skins, time came for varnishing 5 good coats on the rebuilds. Later on, more canoes will line up for this treatment. This game of patience  includes our May crew Riley Hanson, Ally Rail, Simon McNamee, Savannah French, Tim Goodwin and Clara Bonner, and our late June arrivals Dylan Moeser, Paige Clark, Addison Egan, Chris O’Brien and Jack Sladden. Tim and Clara departed in summer, while Coulter Deacon and partner Reeve Christensen came on board in Fall. 


Dave schooled the crew all summer long in the ways of the canoe maker.

It's not often we capture a shot of Dave Statten. Here’s a lucky candid – actually a portrait of two couples with Pathfinder connections. Dave and his fiancé Svetlana Zeran are pictured at right. Who’s on the left? Cam McRae and his bride Christine Luckasavitch McRae. She’s our indigenous educator, and Cam runs historic McRae Lumber. The two couples are close friends, living in Whitney and Bancroft and spending much of their time in the Park. Lately, Christine is writing a book on Algonquin people’s history in the Algonquin region. This huge project is being co-sponsored by the camps and lodges of Algonquin, by AO and the Friends. She'll publish late next year what will be an instant classic with Park scholars, cottagers, campers and more. Go Christine!

Sylvan Scene Seldom Seen ...

The Ball Field in early June, lush and ready for mowing. At least the outfield can be mown. Not so much the rest of this historic spot, where Fred Lamke famously cleared the forest and leveled the field with downed trees and hand-dug soil. Once this was the scene of countless track and field meets in the old days. Well, let’s say you remember it better from modern times: infield ravines, bedrock and gulches making for lively ‘local hops’ on this ball diamond, where campers Glenn and Sladds once 'ran the mile' for Lou 'Monty' Montgomery.

Staff have shown us the way to restoration with recent additions of a new backstop and some fine bleacher seating. Now we can reveal that this summer's work also included a complete renovation of this playing field! #prayforthegrass

Work Hard, Play Hard ...

A serious storm in early summer took down a few CPI giants, near Canoe shop, Sunnyvale, Doll House and T11. Cleaning up took days. Then, on to stripping the Canoe Dock for a renovation that would never be possible in an active season. And, more little touches, like Paige's new tent plaques, new cedar railings, etc.

Evening paddles and filming sessions are popular right now. When the lake is flat calm, the style paddlers are out. Wait until you try your solo skills in the back channel, where a downed pine in the water makes a great obstacle course challenge.


Pathfinder canoes even made it out on the trail. Camp families who contact us about a Park trip are invited to use boats and gear without charge, to get outdoors and away from the madding crowd. Here's a shot, too, from work crew’s break, a trip on French River.

Check out all the photos of island projects 2020



Senior Staff

Glenn Arthurs, Owner - Youngstown, NY
Mike Sladden, Owner & Director - Rochester, NY
Mary Chestnut, Assistant Director - Buffalo, NY
Paige Clark, Program Director - Rochester, NY
Tim Goodwin, Director of Tripping - Nairobi, Kenya
Riley Hanson, Director of Tripping - Toronto, ON
Ally Rail, Director of Waterfront - Whitby, ON
Gonzalo Pantoja, Camp Chef - Queretaro, MX
David Statten, Canoe Maker - Bancroft, ON
Savannah French, In-Camp Program - Toronto, ON


CIT Directors
Addison Egan - Fall City, WA
Rupert French - Toronto, ON


Canoeing Directors
Jack Sladden - Rochester, NY
Dylan Moeser - Buffalo, NY


Medical Directors

Dr. Julia and Dr. Aaron Orkin - Toronto, ON

Camp Nurses

Chantal St. Jules - Oshawa, ON
Sarah Twomey - Kitchener, ON

Alex Oliver - Guelph, ON

Camp Cooks
Omar Terrazas - Queretaro, MX
Terry Snider - Toronto, ON


Waterfront Staff

Nell Bruckner - Cleveland, OH

Esther Haines - Caloden, ON
Ellie Anderson Zych - Rochester, NY


Oren Karp - Pepperell, MA

Peter Koch - San Francisco, CA

Jack Brownrigg - Burlingame, CA

Jack Sladden - Rochester, NY

Dylan Moeser - Buffalo, NY

Simon McNamee - Montreal, QC

Chris O’Brien - Chagrin Falls, OH

Addison Egan - Fall City, WA

Gabe Ireland - Madrid, Spain

Rupert French - Toronto, ON

Andrew Beecher - Buffalo, NY

Ian Hanson - Toronto, ON

Sam Hamlett - Buffalo, NY

Lucas Reeber - Mt. Kisco, NY

Matt Wesorick - Pepper Pike, OH

Alex Ireland - Madrid, Spain

Will Keeton - Burlington, VT

Rookie Headmen
Simon Jeens - Toronto, ON
Aidan McPhail - Gatineau, QC
Ely Miller Wilson - Wynnewood, PA
Tyler Waldvogel - Bethesda, MD
Ben Zief - Princeton, NJ
Henry Clark - Fall City, WA
Ian Zohn - Warren, NJ
Sam Laemmle - Wiscasset, ME
Cam Sills - Mississauga, ON
Liam Bonnor - Toronto, ON

Veteran Secondmen

Evan Popat - Buffalo, NY

Aidan Walters - Caloden, ON

Gabriel Myrick - El Cerrito, CA

Tate Pierson - Pittsford, NY

Ben Kelly - Buffalo, NY

Christian Kolaga - Buffalo, NY

Chris Lenahan - Buffalo, NY

Simon Cousineau - Toronto, ON

Alex Norton - New York, NY

Bjorn Nordenflycht - Buffalo, NY

Noah Linfoot - Savannah, GA

Rookie Secondmen

Peter Fabens - Brooklyn, NY

James Herron - Toronto, ON

Henry Houston - New York, NY

Benji Piafsky - Toronto, ON

Jeremy Jeens - Toronto, ON

Jacob Seifred - Toronto, ON

Ben Miller Wilson - Wynnewood, PA

Gabe Levy - Toronto, ON

Sam Gilbert - Rochester, NY

Jamie Sills - Mississauga, ON
James Fair - Toronto, ON
Dan Bundgard - London, ON
Graham Hall-Keough - Brooklyn, NY
Luke Bodo - New York, NY
Oliver Allshire - Toronto, ON
Declan Eady - Toronto, ON


Counselors in Training (CITs)

Ian Brown - Orangeville, ON

Peter Brownrigg - Burlingame, CA

Max Crocker - Gloucester, MA

Aaron Curtin - Alfred, NY

Gideon Dent - Santa Fe, NM

Sam Drum - Annapolis, MD

Mac Fabens - Brooklyn, NY

Ethan Ford - Boston, MA

Ander Gustafson - Washington, DC

Dillon Harkness - Albany, CA

Michael Jonas - Buffalo, NY

Corbin Jones - Brooklyn, NY

Linden Knup  - Binghamton, NY

Wilson Langkamp - Washington, DC

Jake Martin - New York NY

Sam McKenney - Tampa, FL

Silas Witmore - Washington, DC

Sean Woodbury - Toronto, ON

Sam Zionts - Buffalo, NY

Looking back at Fall Crew 2019


2020 New Year's Pathfinder Chipmunk Chatter!
Take a deep dive into Pathfinder trivia, history and 2019 highlights.
Print the whole thing, or just the activity pages - Enjoy!
New Year's Chipmunk Chatter 2020


New Year's Sign-Up Offer - A Candy Store Gift!
Go to Enroll page to choose paper form or online enrollment.
Any enrollment completed between Jan. 1 - 15 includes a free
gift item for your camper at the Pathfinder Candy Store.


Simply enroll with a deposit, and your camper will choose his gift when he arrives at Pathfinder this summer.

2019 TRIPS

The 106th Pathfinder season rolls into the Second Half and C-Session amidst a flurry of First Half tripping action, awesome weather with perfect swimming, and activity highlights in-camp.

Check out the 2019 Canoe Trips

First Half boasted over 30 trips, featuring an 18-day Coulonge-Noire journey, 18-day Meanest Link, and 3 AA trips in northern Ontario & Quebec (wrapping up in mid-August).


As of the August holiday weekend in Algonquin, Second Half has seen a bunch of new trip postings including 19-day and 18-day Algonquin and French River routes, a 13-day cruise in Temagami, 10-day and two week Park trips for Otts, and trips of a week and 10-days for Chipps and Crees!


The 2020 summer will see a new outreach from Pathfinder, establishing two scholarship camper
places for boys from the nearby Ottawa Valley Algonquin community. Source Lake is an important place to first peoples who know the watershed of the Madawaska as their ancestral
lands. Camp is also supporting the ‘Gathering of Our People’ at Whitefish Lake, a bark canoe to be created this summer by noted builder Chuck Commanda, and a new Algonquin history text in
partnership with Friends of Algonquin and our own cultural educator Christine McRae.

'...Pathfinder’s home island at Source Lake lies in the headwaters of the Madawaska River, traditional and unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg,–  the original inhabitants and stewards of this land. Today, this land remains home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island...'

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