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Summer 2022

Pathfinder Alumni

When we’ve paddled and portaged and the day is done, we sit by the fire and watch the setting sun, and as we lay down our heads on our soft balsam beds, we thank the great spirit that our blood runs Pathfinder red." 

For 109 years, Camp Pathfinder has preserved the tradition of canoe-tripping in cedar canvas canoes. Our campers and staff have reveled in each others' company and the north woods around them as they've paddled and portaged Algonquin's routes, set up tents and created delicious meals over open fire. While gear, technology, and best practices have evolved over the years, what lies at the core of Pathfinder and its trippers never changes. 

"Canoe Tripping defines the Pathfinder spirit better than any other expression... When Pathfinder family gather - young, old, alumni, family, friends - conversations ultimately turn to the one thing we love and remember the most: canoe trips... It doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 55. If you attended Pathfinder, canoe tripping is part of your soul... No matter where our journey in life takes us, we will always remember our time at Pathfinder ."    -Zach Arem