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For Schools & Organizations

May 10 - June 20     Sept. 1 - Oct. 15
3, 4 & 5 day sessions

• Fees flexible to program plan-length.
• Faculty welcome at no charge.
• HST & Ontario Parks fees applicable.

Contact Director Mike Sladden for information & availability
585-249-0716 winter • 705-633-5553 summer

" The Pathfinder experience for our seventh graders has consistently led to a positive start to the school year. I have worked with Mike Sladden and his team of guides to design a program that ties directly to our school's mission.


The community-building activities, based in a pristine, technology-free setting, reinforce our school's goal of promoting character education. Our students return with a clearer sense of empathy and a greater respect for one another and for the natural environment.


The experienced guides connect easily with middle schoolers and confidently direct them through, for many, their first wilderness experience. I can't think of a more effective way to jump-start the school year and getting kids, even middle schoolers, excited to work together.


We have also been fortunate to include a team of seventh grade teachers each year to participate side by side, and paddle-by-paddle, with their students in a non classroom environment.

The student-teacher relationships established at Pathfinder set the tone for productive year in the classroom."

- John Munro, Head of Middle School, Nichols School

For School Groups & Organizations

Pathfinder is a unique destination, offering wilderness experiences that expand more than learning -- confidence, creativity, cooperation, and community. An historic summer canoe tripping camp for boys, Pathfinder is known in Canada and the United States for its outdoor education and leadership programs. The Algonquin setting and expert staff combine to make a Pathfinder trip memorable.

School and organization private events are conducted in the spring and autumn. These off-season programs introduce young people --as individuals and a team -- to the Park and to the Pathfinder experience: simple living in harmony with Algonquin, making a personal and cerebral connection to the natural world, working and playing together in friendship and respect, all while having a blast!

Now in its 107th season, Pathfinder's program is run by Owner-Director Mike Sladden with a veteran guide staff. Collaborating with a group's leaders, we custom design each 3 - 5 day experience. From our island base, students and faculty in guided small groups paddle, trail-hike, bush walk, mountain bike and challenge the ropes-course. Overnight back country canoe trips are an added option. Special events, fun camp traditions, and shared low-impact stewardship chores round out the island days.

Among the ways Pathfinder meets its mission to campers and staff is the camp’s outreach to indigenous peoples of the canoe country Pathfinder people have revered since our inception in 1914. 


'...Pathfinder’s home island at Source Lake lies in the headwaters of the Madawaska River, traditional and unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg,–  the original inhabitants and stewards of this land. Today, this land remains home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island...'


To read our full Camp Pathfinder Land Acknowledgement & introduction by Director Mike Sladden, please click the link below. 


Canoeing & Kayaking

Instruction & Exploration

Our staff teach students basic canoemanship - draws, running draws, pries, sweeps, braces and the all-important J stroke! Once students master the basic strokes, they move on to a class paddle around the lake, so that they are well prepared for their day trips or back country trips. Life vests and capsize training for all.


Map & Compass Trail/Bush Hikes

Learn & Apply Wilderness Skill

Teamwork and trust combine with exploration of the dense, complex and fragile Canadian 'bush.' Learn how to use a topo map and base- plate compass to guide your group through the woods on a thrilling hike. Are you up for the challenge?