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Rates & Dates

July 1-8
July 27 - Aug. 3

Standard Price

$ 1,125 USD

$ 1,275 CAD

Early Bird Price

$ 1,100 USD

$ 1,250 CAD

1 Week 

Our youngest campers' first experience of a Pathfinder in-camp program and an overnight canoe trip.


7 years

*All one-weekers enrolled for 2020 have the option to come one-weeker in 2021 at their same 2020 rate, even if they age up to 8 years old.

*We will accept age 8s for one-weeker in 2021 if they enroll early bird.

July 1-13 (A session)
July 13-25 (B session)
July 27-Aug. 8 (C session)
Aug. 8 - 20 (D session)

Standard Price

$ 2,800 USD

$ 3,125 CAD

Early Bird Price

$ 2,325 USD

$ 2,675 CAD

Mic Mac & Chippewa 2 Weeks  

"Two-weeker" Mic & Chipps set out on 2-4 day canoe trips and enjoy the rest of their time in-camp.


8-10 yrs.

July 1-13 (A session)
July 13-25 (B session)
July 27-Aug. 8 (C session)
Aug. 8 - 20 (D session)

Standard Price

$ 3,035 USD

$ 3,550 CAD

Early Bird Price

$ 2,825 USD

$ 3,175 CAD

Cree 2 Weeks  

"Two-weeker" Crees set out on 2-8 day canoe trips and enjoy the rest of their time enjoying in-camp action.


11-12 yrs.

Any enrolled 2020 two-weekers have the option to come as a two-weeker for 2021 at the low 2020 early bird rate, even if they age up to 14.

July 1-25 (1st Half)
July 27-Aug. 20 (2nd Half)
*July 13-Aug. 8 (B/C Half)
*B / C Half Season session is now available.

Standard Price

$ 4,200 USD

$ 4,975 CAD

Early Bird Price

$ 3,500 USD

$ 4,100 CAD

Half Season (3&1/2 Weeks)

Staying 'the half' means campers enjoy 2-4 canoe trips ranging from 2-18 days in Algonquin Park.


8-16 yrs.

FULL Season (7 Weeks)

Staying the whole summer gives campers of all ages the full Pathfinder experience.

*Recommended for Otts age 13-14 (multiple long trips) & AA's age 15 (32-40 day trip in Northern or Western Ontario or Quebec )


8-16 yrs.

July 1-Aug. 20 
*Full Season AAs -Additional Transport Expenses will be surcharged to cover remote trip transports.    

Standard Price

$ 8,200 USD

$ 9,200 CAD

Early Bird Price

$ 6,850 USD

$ 7,875 CAD

2021 Camper Enroll Request:
Contact the Camp Director for a presentation or information package

Payment Details

Ways to Pay 
 offers convenient methods for payment of camper tuition & fees: 


Personal Cheque

Fees payable to ‘Camp Pathfinder.’ Mail your cheque payments to:
Camp Pathfinder, 35 Park Lane, Rochester, NY USA 14625.

Credit Card

Through our online enrollment portal, fees may be paid in total or by installments
with your Visa and MasterCard.

Wire and e-Transfer

To wire funds from your financial institution, contact Sladds at the
Pathfinder office for routing details. To use an Interac e-Transfer, send with chosen password to the Camp office at:

Tuition Basics

Tuition, Tax and 'Tuck'

-Tuition covers the camp facility, program, staffing, food service and shared equipment.

-Tax is tax. Canada charges 13% HST.

-Ontario Parks charges residential campers 4% of base tuition.
This is charged to the 'Tuck' account.

-A Tuck Deposit is an amount put on deposit with the camp by each family for their camper, based on his length of stay. This covers the expenses he personally accumulates. The idea here is that no parents pay a higher tuition rate so as to cover expenses of other campers.

Enrollments and Payments

To enroll your son, click 'Sign Up' and proceed to our online enrollment web page. Easy steps help you to enroll your camper and choose payment options. On receipt of your enrollment and tuition deposit or payment, we'll send you a Confirmation Statement. Pay any balance from this statement, or choose to have your credit card billed automatically. Your Confirmation Statement includes the payment rates and options,
terms and conditions, and the payment due dates.
[Pathfinder may be able to accommodate other arrival and departure times if absolutely necessary. Call Camp if you have questions.]

At the end of the summer sessions, you'll also receive a Final Statement. This summary will detail all the expenses your Camper had, including those charged against your Tuck Deposit. A copy of the Camper's camp store tally sheet is also available. Remember, Campers' personal expenses are charged against their Tuck Deposit. The Tuck Deposit is part of your total camp fee, and is described in detail on this page. Here's some detail about the expenses you'll see itemized on the confirmation statement and the final statement...


Our enrollment confirmation statement, and a final season-end statement show what payments camp has received from you.


The confirmation statement and final statement both show the basic Camp Fee in US or CN funds depending on which currency your family paid. They also show the taxes charged for HST (shown as pst/gst). And, they show the Tuck Deposit amount credited to your son.


Summer camp fees are subject to Canada's HST at 13% which combines the provincial and federal taxes.

Tuck Deposit

Tuck Deposit Credit

Tuck Deposit Credit line shows how much tuck money you have on account for your camper.

Expense Lines

All shown in Canadian funds on your final statement.

Ontario Parks Lease Tax

Everyone patronizing the camps of Algonquin Park is charged 4% of the base camp tuition fee by Ontario Parks. This is a government tax and not a Pathfinder fee.


When your camper goes on a Pathfinder canoe trip, any incidental expenses, transport or back country permit fees for that trip are charged equally among the members of the trip. If your camper was given a special meal or program during the trip, this cost is also included in 'Tripping.'

The oldest campers often take long trips of 2-6 weeks or more. The long trips often involve long bus or train transports with canoe freight. Some trips even use airline flights to return from the far north. The Director will advise Parents if higher costs are expected for their son's trips, including the premier Pathfinder AA trips.


Laundry is offered weekly at camp. If the boys are in-camp they can drop off laundry at the Kitchen Dock one morning, and collect it the next. Each camper's laundry is washed separately and kept with his own laundry bag. The service comes from Huntsville. We are charged roughly $13.50 per load washed, folded and delivered. A camper's laundry charge per bag may vary depending on its size. Most boys have a couple of laundry's per session. Older campers may only have one because they're on trip. Younger boys may not send out any laundry due to their short camp stays.

Gear / Candy Store

Parents sometimes call Sladds, shocked that their camper ate $200 worth of candy! Actually, this account covers a multitude of items. Normally, high charges here mean the camper ordered sleeping bag, paddle, vest and other gear. Gear / Candy Store includes candy bars or lifesavers, letter paper and envelopes, postage, candy store dry goods such as books, pamphlets, toothbrushes and soap, batteries and flashlights, ball caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, Park maps, etc. etc. The Camp  annual Poster is billed here for all Campers.


This is the actual cost of any motor coach ride(s) the camper took to or from camp, for example airport shuttles or the Rochester, Buffalo and Toronto camp motor coaches.
Total cost is divided equally among riders on a given trip.

Miscellaneous / Medical

This line is for medical bills such as doctor's visit, hospital treatment, or prescription med.s for your camper. Receipts from these are sent home so you can recover part or all of the expense from your medical coverage. The Misc. items here are generally tiny: a trip meal is bought at McDonald's, or an ice cream treat from Bartlett Lodge on Cache Lake. CITs may draw petty cash for their days off, and that is shown on this line as well. Any unpaid tuck balance from the previous year is also shown here.


This is the GST charged only on whatever items above are GST taxable.

Tuck Balance (cn)

This is the remaining credit or balance owed in Canadian funds.

US conversion

Each summer we set a conversion rate based on currency exchange rates for June through August. If you're a US family or from overseas, we make this conversion to give you a final balance in US funds. If you're a Canadian family, we omit this calculation and show your balance in CN funds.

Balance Due Camp / Credit

It's one or the other: a positive balance you owe Camp, a negative balance Camp owes you. Amounts under $5.00 either way are waived.

If a family is owed a sibling credit or a referral credit, it is shown as a deduction from the final balance.

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