Back for 2022!

4 days, 3 nights

Fri. July 8 to Mon. July 11 
Weds. August 3 to Sat. August 6

Escape for some family time on Pathfinder Island

Warm days, cool evenings, morning mists, great swimming, stargazing, and delicious homemade Algonquin woods camp meals. No cooking or cleaning – just the wild beauty of Algonquin Park to share with your family.


Each summer Pathfinder welcomes in a small number of families, to experience the magic of Source Lake and Camp Pathfinder while there's space in camp due to long trips being far afield.

Pathfinder Family Camp is pure fun for everyone, offering a real family break from city routines, isolation at home, and endless cell phones and Zoom sessions. In short, it's a few days happily spent with our staff, campers, adventures and traditions on historic Algonquin island.

Family Camp is also the perfect introduction for your son to a future Pathfinder career.


Current camp parents, alumni, and new families considering Pathfinder for their son. We welcome the whole family - not just parents and sons!

New families who have signed up their son the following summer say this is a perfect introduction to Pathfinder for their son and for the family. Pathfinder Alumni enjoy Family Camp as a way of sharing their Pathfinder experience with the whole extended family.

Reservations are needed, as space is limited. Family Camp is always a complete sell-out. See our flyer & forms, then call!


Our summer staff will conduct canoeing, kayaking, ropes course, trail bikes, bush hikes, and more. Many families just enjoy chilling out, following the sun from dock to dock and indulging in the homestyle camp cooking. The authentic camp experience...with a few extra fun touches.

Parents - You will be treated to cocktail time, amped-up dinner menus, and paddle-hike day trips with a shore-lunch. Join in with your kids and friends on the water, swim dock, and ropes, while also enjoying some island parent free time, while the kids are at activities with our staff and summer campers. There's even a final night cocktail float and late-seating dinner for the parents, while the kiddos enjoy Pathfinder movies.

Kids - You will get to join in with our summer campers during their games and activities, as well as your own Family Camp activity periods. Our skilled staff will help you feel safe and excited to test your independence on the Island. Get ready to canoe, swim, kayak, fish, paddle-board, climb high at ropes, and of course, show off your cannonballs from the 20 ft tower!


Camp Pathfinder is rustic and traditional. Plan to live in large canvas tent platforms or simple sleeping cabins with cot-beds. We are lake-bathers, and rely on minimal electricity in only the main buildings. Bring your sleeping bags, towels, swimsuits and pillows, rain jackets, rugged shoes, toothbrush and flashlights.
We’ll supply the rest!

Parents please note: no pets are permitted, and children’s supervision is the responsibility of their parents at all times during this event.