Where our Pathfinder community comes during the off season.  Learn, play, watch and explore while we practice physical distancing and spend more time with family at home.

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Introducing: Pathfinder Quizzes! All your dire questions answered. Laugh, enjoy, and share with CPI friends young and old for guaranteed entertainment. 



A suggested reading list for our CPI community. 


Fiction & non-fiction novels, series, short stories, wilderness adventures, biographies, autobiographies, histories, coffee table books, and more. 

Explore trip reports, photos, destination spots and more.

Trippers!! For anyone planning a trip through Algonquin Park, anyone who has tripped through the park, or anyone who is curious about canoe tripping through Algonquin - this site is for you. 


TOURduPARK.com is the home for trip reports, ruin sites, wildlife and scenic photography exclusively within Algonquin Park. Here you will find detailed accounts of various canoe trips through Algonquin. The trips range from single day or single night trips, to extended solo trips of up to 21 days. '

Old CPI Film Faves 

National Film Board classics we love 

Film Time - old school...

Many years ago, we campers were shown movies from the NFB, summer-in and summer-out. Actual celluloid copies were shipped to the island on heavy reels, and screened through the searing heat of projector lamps. How many times did the film jam and frames burn up before our eyes?! These classics evolved to VHS, then DVDs. Today they live online at NFB's fantastic site.

Make popcorn and dive in!

Summer 2020 Projects

Does the Island Sleep? No, she only dozes.

The normal bustle of May Crew didn’t happen for the first time since Glenn and Sladds took over camp in 2000. And, of course, Summer 2020 was cancelled when Ontario closed overnight camps. But CPI is indeed only dozing: a tiny work crew has been polishing and prepping camp for all the action we're looking forward to in 2021.

A sign of renovations this year? A still life of items lost under the Canoe Dock over many years, recovered once the decking came off in July. Every object tells a story?

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