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CPI Summer/Fall 2020 Alternative Programming

Programming approved by Ontario Parks, Renfrew Health Unit, Ontario Camps Assoc

Pathfinder alternative programming includes:

Guided family day activities, alumni family retreats/canoe trip outings, on site content creation, COVID-Adaptive 2021 program design & an Autumn outdoor education season.


Please contact Director Mike Sladden with any inquiries or questions 

Guided Family Day Activities

By reservation, for canoe and kayak instruction, guided bike outing, guided interpretive walks, camp orientation tours, and canoe trip safe-practices instruction.

Conducted by senior counsellors in residence.

Audience -Existent camp families and prospective campers 2021.
Maximum participant group - 10.

Camp staffing - 1:4 ratio. Distancing/masking measures in place.

Food – pre-packed trip lunch.

Fee - suggested donation to Pathfinder camper scholarship fund.


Alumni Family Retreat

By reservation, for camp families to reserve a Pathfinder canvas lodge or cabin for an isolated family stay.


Audience - Existent camp families.


Includes - Watercraft, swim area & individual washroom.


Food - Out-service meals provided.

Fee - suggested donation to Pathfinder camper scholarship fund.


Alumni Family Canoe Trip Outing 

By reservation, to provide canoes, gear, routing, permits, and pre-packaged trip foods to alumni who wish to book and take a self-guided canoe trip in the Park.

-Provided by senior counsellors in residence.

-Includes canoe trip safe-practices training.


Audience - Existent camp families.

Fee - suggested donation to Pathfinder camper scholarship fund.


On-site Content Creation

Our camp’s Virtual Pathfinder provides online workshops and camper resources.


Designed and conducted by senior counsellors in residence.


Activities include camping skills, art & craft, Pathfinder and Algonquin history and ecology, and do-it-at-home camp service projects.

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 4.19.40 PM.png

COVID-Adaptive 2021 Program Design

The camp’s senior counsellor team will also design Pathfinder 2021 programming for pre-screening, camp isolation and distancing measures, hygiene protocols, COVID-adapted canoe tripping and outdoor education programs.

Audience – camper, alumni, prospect, and school partner families

Fee - no charge. 


Pathfinder 2020: 

Autumn Outdoor Education Season

Program planning, site preparation and program execution by senior counsellors in residence, for our autumn school partners, if conditions permit congregate school OE.


Program design will incorporate COVID-19 adaptive practices.

Audience / Fee - Pathfinder school partners pay fees.

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