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Parent Bulletin - April What Parents Can Do Now for Summer 2021

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

What Parents Can Do Now? Start here!

Get a leg up on preparing your camper for his Pathfinder time this upcoming summer.


What Parents Can Do Now?

1. Join a Pathfinder Overview Zoom meeting Learn how our summer plan will handle health, safety, program and fun!

See the next Pathfinder overview zoom date on our News page. 2. Research your camp travel options now -Currently, flights, camp motor coach or parent drop off/pick up remain options. -Check flights to Buffalo and Toronto, as some airlines have reduced their schedules. -Don’t be too concerned about current rules/restrictions, such as airport hotel quarantines in Toronto. These will doubtless change.

More at : CPI Transport Page

3. Plan for some extra packing -Masks will be required and used in certain settings, so gather some new basic surgical masks and some multi-layer cloth masks your camper will be comfortable with.

- Help out our hygiene plans by packing two sets of camp bed sheets and washable blanket, to supplement the sleeping bag. This way, I can order an overnight laundering of bedding at any time.

- Get a folding camp chair of some kind and label it. Your camper will be comfy as he relaxes at occasional outdoor meals, distanced chapels and council fires, or cohort hang-outs with his crew.

4. Think ahead about the pre-camp routine 2021 -Consider the need to reduce your camper or staff man’s exposure to congregate events, optional travel, etc. during a period before reporting to Pathfinder this year. This may mean rescheduling a family vacation, party or travel, or carefully planning a transition from soccer league to Pathfinder, etc. Check with Sladds on this to get more details.

- Are you familiar with where to get your camper a definitive PCR molecular Covid test? Now’s the time to figure out where you’ll get his test and how to schedule it. Likely your camper will be Covid-free and asymptomatic, so you may have fewer test appointment options.

5. Make Sure Your Tuition is Paid Up and Camper Forms Done!

You can enter your enrollment web page and pay a tuition balance, as well as complete Transport, Health, and Gear forms. Need help to log on? Contact me on email and we'll get you reset to log in.

6. Stay in touch with the Camp Director As the season approaches, don’t hesitate to reach out and have a 1:1 update or conversation with Sladds to get your questions answered and requests addressed. Best is to get me on email and we’ll set up a call.

Noonway, all!


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