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Covid-19 Update 4/1/20

Pathfinder health update: covid-19 / coronavirus - April 1, 2020 Camp Pathfinder continues to plan for another terrific summer season on Source Lake. The Latest ... No Fooling...

Pathfinder and all OCA accredited camps continue plans for the summer, in concert with Ontario and federal government task forces.

Still, summer camp seasons are in the balance. Today, Canadian and U.S. authorities extended school closures, stay-at-home orders, medical and economic relief efforts, and cautions that physical distancing/online learning will be necessary for many weeks to come.

As a board member of the Ontario Camps Association, I have spent the past two days and much of the past two weeks in Zoom meetings working with colleagues, officials and experts. Meanwhile, Paige Clark and I launched “Virtual Pathfinder” to bring some Pathfinder fun, learning and spirit into all our households. Watch that web page, and our social media feeds, for regular updates! Camp professionals across Ontario are doing what Camp Pathfinder is doing. Preparing to run our camp seasons, and augmenting our best practices in all areas. We are setting up a fantastic 107th season on Pathfinder Island, and - depending how well our societies distance and deal with COVID-19 - we are also preparing to adapt if changes come through civil orders from government and public health leaders. So many parents have told me recently how much their boys need camp this summer. But health and safety come first.

A Special Effort for Extraordinary Times …

Your boys know the Pathfinder way. In a headwind, we lean in and paddle hard in perfect unison. We are all Pathfinder people, and we're all in this together. As of today, Pathfinder is suspending the requirement to pay camp tuition balances, normally due April 1. Rest assured, you campers’ enrolled places and current payments are secure, and no further payment is required until the summer program is certain. Should circumstances beyond our control require it, ALL payments for Summer 2020, including deposits, will at your discretion be credited forward or fully refundable, at a designated time. If necessary due to a forced closure, Pathfinder will need to take steps to survive as an organization. The camp will ask for your partnership by leaving a portion of your payment with camp as a credit toward 2021. This is purely voluntary. For now, it is very likely Pathfinder WILL operate. In recent weeks, some of our veteran parents have held off enrolling. To assist, Pathfinder is offering families who wish to enroll, but are unsure about committing funds at this time, a reserved space now for a nominal, refundable deposit. Get in touch with me for this or any reason! I'm at / cell 585.746.5062.

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