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Covid-19 Update 3/3/20

Pathfinder health update: covid-19 / coronavirus - March 3, 2020

Pathfinder’s health team is monitoring the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) originating in Wuhan, China. New information is emerging daily on the virus and public health responses. The health and well-being of our Pathfinder community is always the top priority. We understand that risk remains low for healthy children and adults, that the situation is evolving, and that it’s important to continue monitoring. Currently, no impact is expected on our 107th Pathfinder season.

I work closely on this and all health matters with our camp medical directors Aaron and Julia Orkin, our local Ontario public health authorities, our terrific nursing staff, and in my role as a board member of the Ontario Camps Association.

I’m reminded of several viral outbreaks reaching North America over the past two Pathfinder decades. These were well-handled and of limited impact to summer camps, with no impact to Pathfinder.

Pathfinder has existing summer-season procedures in place to pre-screen campers, staff and visitors before travel and upon arrival, to maintain appropriate measures for avoiding illness, and to collaborate with Ontario health agencies.

Camp will keep you informed regularly as March unfolds, as spring emerges, and as our camp season approaches. Please don’t hesitate to reach out personally to me any time, if you have any questions or concerns. I’ll remain in touch through our web pages and email bulletins.

The camp staff join me in a message to our Pathfinder boys:

Ki Yi, CPI Campers! – As a Pathfinder guy, you’re a leader in so many ways. Show everyone at home how we take good care, just like you do at Camp, to avoid the spread of any sort of illness. Wash hands often, cover your coughs and sneezes, get good sleep and food. Avoid touching your face, or sharing food/drink, water bottles, utensils and the like. Stay home and rest if you don’t feel well. And of course, your tripper’s confidence will reassure everyone around you. That’s ‘trip-tough’… Bravissimo! Can’t wait to see you this summer.


Information you can use at home:

World Health Organization Centers for Disease Control

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