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Enrollment nears full

Summer 2023 is on for all campers, Canada-US-Europe, and all our sessions.

May is here and a few open spots remain for boys in our July-August sessions. Get in touch with the Director Will Hopkins to inquire about getting one of these final camper openings.

"Pathfinder is an amazing place and a second home to me. I can't wait to go back this summer. When I arrived I didn't know how to paddle a canoe and now I'm teaching my family."

- Connor '21

Trip #3 - Gone But Not Forgotten.JPG

1-week to 7-week sessions

From July 1 to August 20

• Complete sessions for all 2023 Pathfinder dates.

• 2023 full in-camp & tripping programs.

• 1 : 2 Counsellor : Camper Ratio

• Pathfinder & Source Lake lie in traditional Algonquin territory.

Full Season Calendar

2023 Spring, Summer & Fall Events & Important Dates. 

Print out our Calendar for the fridge, and stay in the loop of Pathfinder Island action this year.

"I wanted to take a minute to thank you and the entire Pathfinder community for our camper's fantastic summer. He came back with ... outward changes that came from significant inward growth. He became more confident without becoming cocky. He told me about [Pathfinder portaging ability] as a matter of personal pride, being part of a team that knows what needs to be done and does it well. He appreciates now that hard work as an individual on a team is its own reward, earning his peers' respect and friendship, reciprocated by everyone." Peter 2021 parent


Family Camp is BACK!
Pathfinder July & August Family Camp Sessions are on for 2023.  

We've missed you. Now, family campers, new and old, are welcome once again to our two special 4-day camps of fun and relaxation. Book your family's next adventure with us!  

4 Days, 3 Nights

July 7-10 & August 3-6

• Spots are open for new & returning families.

• Enjoy camp lifestyle, food, sports and traditions.

• Pathfinder's Covid Plan - an Ontario Health partnership.

• Perfect intro to Camp for a future Pathfinder camper.

Spring & Fall Events 

School Groups, Alumni Weekends and Weddings return to
Pathfinder's shoulder seasons.

The action never stops at Pathfinder. Our Spring and Fall 'shoulder seasons'  allow for groups to enjoy our beautiful island, wonderful staff, and all the Park has to offer. Learn more about Spring/Fall programs below.

Trad. Camp
Pivot Program


2022 is the 109th PATHFINDER SEASON 

Can American families send their campers to Pathfinder in 2022?

Yes! Right now as April unfolds it's all good news for US kids and camp. For this season all families from the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America can once again plan for their campers to return to Pathfinder.

In 2020, Ontario closed all children's camps due to Covid-19. In 2021, camps operated but were limited to Canadian campers.
Now, with vaccination and testing, Pathfinder boys will be heading back to Source Lake from all over.
In fact, Canada recently announced the end of pre-arrival testing to cross into Ontario, and the province's Ministry of Health has discontinued its Covid-19 camps guidance oversight, leaving the responsibility to the camp director and local public health unit.

We're a veteran Pathfinder family and our camper could not attend in 2021. How do we renew our camper enrollment?

It's easy! If you were enrolled for 2021 and credited your tuition forward, you only need to complete a 2022 enrollment and we will apply your tuition credit. It takes 5-minutes on your camper's online enroll page. If you were enrolled in '21 but withdrew and were refunded, just enroll again for 2022 right now while we have a space for you, using the current tuition rates.
Head to the Enroll page to link to our registration.


We’re a veteran camper family with a tuition credit from 2021. Are we already "in" for 2022?

Yes, but you have to sign up as a 2022 camper. Your camper’s spot is secure, and your tuition credit fully applies to this year. But you have to complete an updated enrollment. It takes 5 minutes!
Email Sladds for your link.


What Pathfinder sessions are open for my camper? Can we still get a spot for 2022? Is there any room left?

During April, you can still get a place at Pathfinder, but only in certain sessions.  Just email Sladds to find a spot!


Spaces for younger campers are almost completely booked throughout our 109th summer. Age 8 - 10 is full in second half.
Wait lists are already set up for Sessions C and D for ages 7 – 10. There's some room in July's A and B Sessions.
There is not much room for campers ages 10 – 14 throughout the summer, but a few spots remain open.
AA campers (age-15) are now booked, and the new LIT class (age-16) is almost complete.
The CIT class (age-17) still has 4 places open for our newest incoming staff men.

COVID-19 Camp Plan -- What is the Pathfinder Covid plan for 2022?

See the details at our News page. We’ll use vaccination, pre-screening/testing, and larger in-camp cohorts for Summer 2022.
Masking, testing and case management will be even less intrusive and simpler than our successful 2021 season.
As ever, we consult our medical directors and employ the latest public health guidance in partnership with Ministry of Health.


Will campers or staff have to quarantine at home before camp?

No. Prior to camp parents will fill out a family and camper health screening questionnaire, and if your camper hasn't had Covid very recently,  he will take a Covid test to document it before coming to Pathfinder. And that’s it! (No more border test required, but Pathfinder will still have a testing requirement to onboard to camp).


Family Camp 2023!

We have really missed Family Camp. Is Pathfinder bringing back Family Camp this year?

You bet! We have two events, July 8 – 11 / Aug. 3 – 6. Check out Family Camp here ...

2022 Forms and Lists !
Transport  Details and Form - Health Forms

See details at:

When will we fill out health information for Pathfinder?
Your camper’s Health Form is online at his enrollment page.  We’ll prompt you to complete this simple form in the spring, including health history, medications, and vaccination records.

How do I choose my camper’s transport for this summer?

Contact Sladds to get details, and make transport choices at your camper’s online enrollment page.
All Pathfinder transport options are available this year. For any session you can use bus service from western NY and Toronto, use Pearson Airport service, and enjoy Parent drop-offs / pick-ups at camp once again.
Yes! Parents will be welcome to visit the Island at last -  Huzzah!

Show me the Pathfinder camper packing list?
What about a Pathfinder Gear form? Do we need camp’s gear? What’s available?

Packing is easy with the Pathfinder list. Adjust as needed to your camper's age and length of stay.  See the List ...

As always, Pathfinder provides specialty gear at-cost for parents who want this service. You can select a sleeping bag, hooded sweatshirt, paddling vest, or trip dry bag. The gear order form is at your camper’s online enrollment page. Sample gear form ...

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