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Pathfinder will host sessions in both First Half and Second Half this season!
Working with Ontario’s Reopening Plan (May 21) we'll delay our start and have July campers for a two-week session, camp families for a special June - July lodge retreat, our 'AAs' for their expedition trip, and all our enrolled Second Half campers for our classic final 2nd-half sessions. Any July campers, preferring a 3 1/2-week session or a later summer arrival for Americans, may opt for a switch to Second Half.


If your camper is already enrolled, contact Pathfinder directly to keep or alter your best option.
If you are a new family seeking the Pathfinder experience, click through from these choices.


Family Lodge camp & tripping • Staff Training

June - July

• One-Week Family Lodge Sessions

• Trip Outfitting / Guiding

•Staffed Activities/Full Meal Service

• AA Canoe Trips (age 15-16)

• Staff Training/Enrichment (age 17-18)


1 week, 2 week & 3-1/2 week Sessions

July 10 - August 20

• Delayed First Half: Canadian Camp Sessions (July 10 -24) 

• Second Half: US & CAN Camp Sessions (July 27- Aug. 20)

• Full In-Camp & Trip Program

• Strict Covid Plan - test, bubble, cohort

• 1:2 Counsellor:Camper Ratio



June - July

The Pathfinder family stay or custom canoe trip is back.
Our young trip staff resume their guide training program.

Family Lodge Camp

On Pathfinder Island

Private bookings throughout June and July via reservation.

Enjoy time at Lodge Camp on Source Lake with your family cohort. This program will run just like a typical summer camp session would. Fill your days with camp meals, activities, day trips and tent living. 

Option to take a 2-4 day canoe trip mid-week (self-guided or with certified cpi guide staff.)

Multiple family cohorts will be able to occupy the island during the same week. Masking is required when around other family cohorts, and meals are served indoors/outdoors. Our staff will supervise activities masked and follow our camp Covid safety plan. Families will be responsible for their health & safety during this time.

Family Tripping

In Algonquin Park

• Outfitting / Guiding available 

• For 5+ day long trips

Time to go canoe tripping! Have the trip staff outfit your family canoe trip this summer. Pathfinder will provide canoes, paddles, pfds, tents, gear, and food outfitting. We will even help you plan your route & meal schedule!


Cabin and tent lodges will be available for your family cohort to stay with us the night before and after your canoe trip. 

You may guide yourselves or have one of our trained and experienced Trip Staff guide your trip and assist with navigation, portaging, cooking,  and campsite set up. 

Staff Program

for CIT's & 2nd-men

• Wilderness & Water Training

• Camp & Trip Training

This summer, we will be taking the time to make sure our Counsellors in Training and Veteran Secondmen have the proper training they missed out on in 2020.


These staff will be participating in white water, safety, and wilderness training and certification, as well as learning the in's and out's of in-camp counsellor training. Both separately cohorted staff groups will get to head out on a Training Canoe Trip. CITs and Secondmen will then each get a chance to work with families, alumni, and campers in the upcoming sessions. For more information on your specific staff training, click the above information buttons.

Family Tripping vs Family Lodge Camp?


Family Tripping allows for longer 5+ day Algonquin Park canoe trips, outfitting, and guided or self-guided option.
We will provide on-island first and last night sleeping accommodation and meal service for those two nights. 


Family Lodge Camp allows for up to 6 nights/7 days on-island stay, including full meal service, sleep accommodation, full array of in-camp activities and day trips, and the chance to head out on shorter 2-4 day Algonquin Park canoe trips (fully outfitted - guided or self-guided option). 


July 10 - August 20

At last! We'll see our campers in each Pathfinder summer 'half' session.

The Ontario camps delay means a 'Two-Weeker' session in mid-July's first half. The second half sessions are on our traditional dates. All current campers can keep or change their session.

Delayed First Half

July 10 - July 24

For Canadian Campers

1 Week Session - July 10 - July 16

2 Week Session - July 10 - July 24

First Half, Camp is open for business. All the fun of a classic CPI camp season for our Canadian campers choosing 1-2 weeks with us on Source Lake. If our American friends can enter Ontario by then, so much the better! Pathfinder Covid guidance includes pre-quarantine, testing, bubbled island, cohorts and smart masking.


Later summer options, including a 3 1/2 week 'typical half season', are still available during 2nd Half (July 27- August 20). 

Classic Second Half

July 27 - August 20

For ALL Pathfinder campers, US & Canadian.

2nd Half Session - July 27 - Aug. 20
1 Week C Session - July 27 - Aug. 3

2 Week C Session - July 27 - Aug. 8

2 Week D Session - Aug. 8 - Aug. 20

Enjoy a classic Second Half camp session! Offering 1 week, 2 week, and half-season (3 1/2 week) stays. Pathfinder Covid guidance includes pre-quarantine, testing, bubbled island, cohorts and smart masking.


Second Half families, keep your session! If you are already signed up for Fiirst Half and looking to transfer, email us for an assist.


Family Tripping


Offering day, overnight and multi-night canoe trips, both with guided and self-guided options. Whether you are choosing to guide your family on the trip, or enjoy the help, expertise, safety and fun-factor of a Pathfinder Headman, here's what to plan and bring ...


We will provide first quality gear including : Canoes, safety kits, tents, tarps, axes, gas stoves, trip packs, bear rope, cookware, utensils, paddles, lifejackets (pfd), map, compass, med kit, all meals & snacks.

You must pack your own: sleeping bags, dry-bags, trip clothing, trip boots, hats, sunscreen & bug spray, flashlights/headlamps, personal medicines or hygiene items.


Thanks to our January 2021 Gear Drive, we have select outdoor clothing & boots in case you or a family member needs an item. Ask ahead for availability.  

Parents please note: be aware of pet policies in Algonquin Park. No pets are permitted at Pathfinder Island. Children’s supervision is the responsibility of their parents at all times during these trips.


Family Lodge Camp


Camp Pathfinder is an historic site, rustic and traditional. Plan to live in a private, distanced, large canvas tent platforms or ranger-style sleeping cabins with cot-beds. Top notch camp cooking and baking. Fine assortment of sport, boating, trekking and eco activities each day. Swimming and lake-bathing, minimal electricity in only the main buildings, a real emphasis on putting the phone away for your stay. Follow the sun and stars dock to dock. Do lots or do nothing.
Bring your face masks, sleeping bags, pillows & bedding, towels, swimsuits, rain gear, rugged shoes, medicine & personal hygiene products, flashlights/headlamps.


We’ll supply the shelter, food, fun and frolic!

Parents please note: be aware of pet policies in Algonquin Park. No pets are permitted at Pathfinder Island. Children’s supervision is the responsibility of their parents at all times during Lodge Camp.


Staff Training - CITs


Our 2021 CITs (Counsellors in Training -age 17) will receive training and leadership enrichment missed last summer due to Covid-19 closure. Included: CIT training trip, Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification, LS Bronze Medallion lifesaving, ORCKA Moving Water 1A cert., CUI ropes-challenge staff training, canvas canoe building and repair, canoe tripping hard skills and youth leadership apprenticeship. This year's CIT experience leads our guys right into their Second Man rank and duties, including canoe trip leadership and camper counseling.


2ndman Staff Training


The class of 2021 Second Men are age 18 and missed their age-17 rookie second man year due to Covid-19 closure during summer 2020. The Second Man experience will combine the final certs. and skills needed with extensive trip and camper experience, leading to 2022 Rookie Headman. Included: LS Bronze Cross lifesaving, Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA), CUI Ropes-Challenge course leadership, training trip, Second Man 'working' trips, and guide skills/risk management apprenticeship. This year's Second Man experience leads our guys to their Headman rank and duties, leading Pathfinder trips, counseling campers, and joining Spring and Fall crews to come.




The Reopening Ontario government roadmap for summer is permitting overnight camps to operate? When?


Update - Ontario will enter Stage 1 on Friday June 11! Ontario will determine when camps can start, but certainly it will be after July 5 and perhaps as late as July 10, depending on vaccination rates and Covid statistics. That’s why we’re planning a delayed camper start and a shorter first half session. See the top of this page for session details.  Meanwhile, Family Lodge Camp is on!


Does the camp opening mean the border is open to campers coming up from the States?
It looks like only Canadians can attend the delayed-start first half session?


No formal border plan has emerged yet. It is our judgment that the border will not be ready to transit American campers until later in July. That’s why we look to focus on Canadian campers in first half, and continue to plan for an all-campers second half. If there is a sudden improvement in the timeline for a border opening, American families and campers can opt for a July experience. TBD.


We’re signed up for a First Half session. What are our options?


Canadians can keep their first half enrollment and join the delayed start two-week session. One-weekers start with two-weekers on day one, July 10. Canadians and Americans can choose a second half session, either Mic-Mac one-week, younger campers two-weeks or all campers ‘half-season’ 3 ½ weeks . Again, the second half session starts July 27 and ends Aug. 20.


We’re signed up for a Second Half session. Are our spots secure?


Absolutely. Your spot is reserved and confirmed.


My first half camper is Canadian but he’s a 3 ½ weeker. The first half is only 2-weeks. What are my options?


Shift to two weeks in July, or switch to the full second half session, July 27 – Aug. 20.

We’re interested in joining the family lodge retreat option in June - July, but we have an enrolled camper. Can we do both?


For sure. A family should attend as a family cohort, and have the camper attend his session in the second half.


If we want to withdraw our enrolled camper and all come to the family lodge retreat, can we do that?



How will it be for my July camper if there are also families at camp during his July stay?

Overall we’ll have a limited community of campers and a small number of family members in camp, living in different neighborhoods of the island. Our camper session is a separate program from the family lodge stays.


Campers and their counselors will cohort together in groups by age and sleeping accommodation. They will all have prepared in advance of camp and been tested before and after arrival. Cohorts live, eat, play and trip together. Within cohorts, masking is not required. Between cohorts, indoors- or close-outdoor interactions are masked. Daily health screening, frequent cleaning and disinfection, smart distancing and masking, and thoughtful testing are all in play as part of a layered mitigation strategy.


The family lodge retreat runs with families each as their own cohort, with a dedicated team of the camp staff working directly with them, using masking and distancing. Family daily program is separate from campers, as is their dining. Families will also do a pre-camp program and test before entering camp. All families will start their week's stay on the same day each week and only leave, not come into the middle of, a family lodge stay week. Some families may stay only a few nights. Others will stay their full week or more.

Sounds like families can do a lot during the Lodge camp weeks, including trips?


Pathfinder will have full family days of activity on and near Source Lake. And, families can opt to take a self-guided or guided overnight or multi-night canoe trip.


Some families will sign up to take an extended canoe trip, apart from the retreat format. They can have outfitting for self-guide format, or have a family retreat Pathfinder Headman along as guide.