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Alumni Chatter Autumn 2014

The Red Canoes

A Hurley trip canoe

A feature on Jack Hurley's impact on wood canvas canoe culture at Pathfinder. Read more ...

Centennial Alumni Summer News

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Spring 2013 Alumni News

Read Gyro's News for Early Spring 2013 ...

January Alumni News

Read Gyro's January 2013 News ...

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Pathfinder Family Camp, Aug. 20-22, 2013
The Centennial Reunion Weekend, Aug. 23-25, 2013
Pathfinder Centennial Projects and Events

alumni in residence 2012

December Alumni News

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October - November Alumni News

Source Lake, 9/3/12

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September Alumni News

On Location camper video shoot

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July Alumni News

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June Alumni News

Nardin paddlers, May

Read Gyro's news for June 2012 ...

Read Sladds' state of camp essay ...

Alumni Golf Tournament, July 2012! See host Adam Mollenberg's flyer ...

May Alumni News

Cree Row soundtrack by Coulter, 2011

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March-April Alumni News 2012

Read Gyro's news for April 2012,  Alumni News ...

Read Zach Arem's full article Alumni Tripping ...

See photos from recent Alumni trips ...

January Alumni News 2012

This month Gyro dusts off an original trip report from 1963's Pathfinder Temagami trip with Headman Dave Bonner. Also in this edition of Alumni News, a profile of Chris Brackley, a cartographer whose career was inspired by his Pathfinder days. The piece mentions Brack's 2011 stunning map for Pathfinder, showing the routes of our recent AA Trips. To see that interactive map on this web site, click to ...
Read Gyro's January news ...

December Alumni News 2011

Ben Bristow featured this month

It's been about a year that Gyro's been putting out a regular alumni news piece. Pathfinder guys from far and wide are reading and commenting on these dispatches. Send us your memories and thoughts!
Read Gyro's December Alumni News ...

October - November News

Canoe Shop, Sept. 2011

Read Gyro's October - November Alumni News ...

Canoe Shop News
The shop got its hydro service and heat units early in Second Half, and new shop tools continued to arrive well into October. Seat caning, plank and gunwale repairs and recanvassing were among the main jobs facing shop boss Warren McDermott. In September, weary trip boats began to spend more time in the shop, for varnish, paint and canvas. In early October, Jack Hurley and Warren built the first new canoe of 2012's order from Hurley Works, and Jack is already at work on the second. Jack will also complete two major repairs over the winter.

Pathfinder NYC Reception, Nov. 4, 7:00 pm
Princeton Club of NYC
We attracted 60 alumni, parents and campers at this second in a series of Manhattan Pathfinder events! Camp folks enjoyed fancy passed foods, open bar, and the latest video clips from this summer. Gill Stanley and Austin Ferguson, along with AA trip Headmen, got great footage, including the AA trip's epic tale of their Attawapiskat River trip. We also previewed viedo clips from Gill's new project, on-camera alumni interviews that will debut later this year and be used for the Centennial project.  Our New York crowd was hosted by club member Andreas Nauleau, who himself enjoyed an Alumni Guest Staff session this summer, and was co-sponsored by alum Todd Marks, whose company, MindGrub, has enjoyed new success with mobile app's development in NYC. Thanks Todd!

Autumn Reunion, Buffalo, Nov. 26, Saturn Club
All Pathfinders Welcome! 1:00 pm / Alumni Cocktails & Meeting, 4:00pm
This will be the 13th year for the Saturn Club reunion on Thanksgiving weekend. All alumni are invited to join current families and staff at this great tradition. Everyone arrives just after 1:00 pm to eat, drink and view films and photos of the 98th Pathfinder summer. Then, at 4:00pm when the main event has concluded, Camp invites al alumni and current senior staff for a cocktail and informal meeting detailing alumni news and upcoming events. Please RSVP to Sladds, and feel free to bring spouses, partners and prospects. See you there!

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Gyro's August-September Alumni News

Gyro's July Alumni News

Read Gyro's news ... And see more on First Half over on News & Notes ...

Gyro's June Alumni News

Featured this issue, Gyro's recent interview with 17-year owner Mac Rand, whose recollections of his years on the trail should spur some more submissions by fellow alumni to the second edition of Paddles Flashing.
Read the latest ...


For the latest on Spring Crew 2011, click over to News and Notes ...

Gyro's April Alumni News

Gyro's April edition includes details on Mac's Paddles Flashing Vol. 2 call for material, recent camp friend-raisers, and fanfare for a new map on this web page by Chris Brackley, depicting our AA trips. Read the latest ...

April 2011- Volume II of Paddles Flashing - Call for Stories!

As Pathfinder approaches her 100th Anniversary, it's time to begin gathering photos and stories for a new volume of the camp history, Paddles Flashing in the Sun. Read editor Mac Rand's call for material ...


Noonway to a Pathfinder Brave

On March 14 in Buffalo, Pathfinder alum and Nichols School legend William 'Kim' Kimberly passed away after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. Kim attended Pathfinder in the 1940s, and remained interested and supportive ever after. As a Nichols teacher, development office staffer, and celebrated school photographer, Kim was a vital link in the chain of friendship between Pathfinder and Nichols. Here are a couple of good links to information about Kim.
Kim's profile in the Buffalo News this week.

Special web page article on Kim at Nichols School.

Historic Pathfinder Felt

Brooks and Inger Anderson attended a recent informal Buffalo alumni gathering, hosted by Alex and Michelle Thomson at Cole's. A small group enjoyed the Sabres-Leafs game and made a welcome donation to the Algonquin Campership Fund. As spring approaches, 4-6 boys in need have applied for scholarships to Pathfinder (learn about the fund ...)

Brooks shared these vintage felt award patches from his father R.Q.'s collection. How many of these do you recognize? In particular the circle and triangle design on one patch is a mystery to us. Anyone with intell, please get in touch.



Alumni Chatter - February 2011

Highlight of Gyro's February news is an interview with Margaret Roggow, who just celebrated her 99th birthday.
Read the latest ...

Looking Ahead to Days in the Red Canoes

artist: Dan Hedges

Dan recently shared a painting he made that gets us thinking ahead to the open water season. Dan was a camper and staff man in the '90s and early 2000s, and went on to teach at Quebec's Sedburgh School.

Alumni Chatter - January 2011

Happy New Year! The ice is in solid on Source Lake after the obligatory January thaw, and December's heavy snow has been replaced by a lighter layer of January snow. Still, wolf tracks thread the lake's blanket. Cold nights mean the winter trail from Hwy. 60 through the beaver marshes will have firmed up, and this is a much easier go than the camp road.

January News - Gyro sends us this Update, with more to come. Read Gyro's January Alumni Update ...


Alumni Chatter - December 2010

How many of these braves can you name?

Bicentennial Moment. July 4, 1976, on the highway rock cut along the Nature Trail portage. Two trips met during their first set trips. Who can you recognize? See the names ...

The Island this Autumn

photo: Gord Baker

Gyro Coakley Joins the Alumni Effort

Gyro at Flagpole with Sue, July

Gyro has accepted our invitation to head up Alumni efforts, to keep our members connected to Pathfinder and each other, as Camp approaches our Centennial Year, 2013.


Gyro started at Pathfinder in 1961 and remains on the Summer Staff to this day. He has a unique perspective on Pathfinder's enduring traditions and recent developments. Read on below for his first in a series of dispatches!





Autumn on the Zip Line

Gyro's November Newsletter


"When I started at Pathfinder in 1960, the season ended on August 20.  Campers boarded the train, later the bus,  and went home.  A group of Staff would stay for a few days closing up the island for winter.  Winter, of course, was more than three months away..."

Read all of Gyro's November News ...






Will Hopkins & Diane Davis - Married on CPI

Will & Diane, Just Married

Diane Davis, whose family are long time Source Lake Cottagers, and Will Hopkins, with 19 summers as Camper and Staff, selected Pathfinder Island as the venue for their wedding ceremony and reception.  The Campers left early Friday morning in dense fog.  By the time guests arrived in mid afternoon, Pathfinder was under sunny skies, with barely a ripple on the lake, and the Pathfinder Staff had transformed the Island to a spectacular wedding venue.  Saturday brought on and off light showers, but the rain held off for the wedding ceremony at the Jean Norton Memorial Chapel. The dinner for 170 guests was held in the Dining Hall, and I have never seen the room look better, linen, china, crystal, balsam boughs and all.  Dancing and further celebration was at the Rec Hall.














11th Annual GLM Weekend

The Racers! Oct. 2010

This year's was the 11th Annual GLM brought a record 56 Alumni and Friends to Pathfinder.  Trip and Jake Pierson, longtime Campers and Staff from the Rochester NY area, organize this weekend, a benefit event for the Algonquin Campership Fund.  This year’s edition attracted 56 guests, all of whom contributed a minimum of $50 to the fund.  Food and Accommodations are provided by Pathfinder.  Fifteen teams of two set off on Saturday morning for the race “Around the Horn.” The first place finishers, with a time of 1:56.41 were young alumni Zach Arem and Max Brown.  In second place, was a team of current staff, Henry Shepley and Charlie Katrycz, with a time of 2:03.50.  The third place finishers were Grif Edwards and Riley Chapple.  Held on Thanksgiving Weekend (Canadian,) the closing banquet was a traditional turkey dinner, prepared by camp chefs Paulina and Fernanda.  Lively celebration, Pathfinder stories, and friendly banter went on well into the evening. All told, GLM weekend raises enough money to send a boy to Pathfinder each summer.


Alumni On the Island

Steve Sugarman ('70s) brought daughters Samantha, Abigail and Emily up to the Park for a canoe trip this summer, and made a stop at Camp. We got him to pose with his family beneath his Tripping Award, and travel the trails for a few hours. Come back soon!








The Big Moment, July 1 2010

Ben Vaughan with this year's Staff Shirt













New short film captures AA Tripping

Attawapiskat R. 2007

Check out Gill Stanley's film homage to the modern Pathfinder AA trip ...











Staff Alum Kent Kruse

Kent is currently working in Cambodia, and writes:
"Here's a photo which pretty much says it and my blocks. My work here- I'm construction innovation officer, tasked with designing and managing a soil block project. The blocks were used in the 26th annual Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project.
This year's project, The Mekong Build, took place in five countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, China, and Cambodia. Here in Cambodia, we built 21 houses in five days with about 300 volunteers. You can find loads more info at:"



From Read Ferguson's Scrapbook

Read found his Kodak Instamatic snapshots, and writes:
" I think that is Bob Blum, standing just in front of the waterfall along with other unrecognizable people, and David Anderson off to the side.  It is 1968, Radiant Station and the dam on the Pet."




Canoe Projects 2009

A brand new rebuilt Canoe #1, the Chief Norton, hit the water this summer. She was donated by Henry 'Pete' French in time for the 95th Reunion last August. This photo was taken right before loading packs, on a trip morning in the Park.

Aydin Perese's thoughts on wood-canvas.
"In fact, our masterpieces are in a museum. A living museum..."

Andy Cameron ('70s) read Aydin's piece and felt nostalgic.
"Shocked and appalled! No cans? No canvas tents or packs? Waterproof raingear?..."


Wendy Swift was the honoree this August, as the Canoe Dock was filled by the entire Camp and many family and friends. Congratulations Wendy on a new trip canoe graced with her name, joining the Pathfinder fleet. Graham England led the charge, building much of the 'Wendy' at Jack Hurley's shop. Wendy's children donated the canoe in her honor. Graham presented Wendy with her bow deck plaque, while speakers Glenn Arthurs, Bill Swift Jr. and Jack Hurley commemorated the event.





CITs JR MacKenzie, Mike Pickfield, Matt Sanford and Jake Kennedy took a big share of the work during a new build this August. Jack Hurley and Will Hopkins led the CIT class in creating a new canoe to honor Bob 'Guide' Coakley. Each summer, the CITs work on a Legacy Project that leaves a lasting mark on Camp.
Launch date on the Bob Guide is June 2010. View more photos ...





Autumn Reunion, Saturn Club

Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009
1:00 - 4:00 pm
Saturn Club, Buffalo NY

More Thanksgiving weekend fun, food and drink, with 150+ Pathfinder campers, Staff, Alumni and Parents.  We watched photos and film clips from the 96th Pathfinder Summer. This was the 11th annual Saturn gathering, bringing people from all over western New York and even Ontario.







An Off-Season James Bay Journey

Heading up the Rupert to harvest whitefish at Smokey Hills. photo: sladds

October Alumni News
From Sladds -- Ryan Arthurs and I decided to make the trek north in October, to visit the eastern James Bay region where our Rupert and Broadback River trips have had great experiences the past two years. The visit was bittersweet, as we saw the Rupert in its last days as a free-flowing powerful river. As of November, the hydro authorities will have begun the diversion that will end the Rupert's life. Where will Pathfinder trip next in this area? My journey was to work with native contacts who are willing to help us develop new routes and cultural experiences in the region. Ryan made the trip to add new photographs to his portfolio, and to scout future photo projects with the Cree. See Ryan's terrific images at:

There were so many incredible moments on this trip. A freighter canoe trip down Rupert Bay to the mouth of the Broadback River and bayside Cree goose camps. Treks to the whitefish harvest at historic Smokey Hills Rapids on the Rupert. Eating grouse and bear with a Cree family at their hunt camp near Pontax River. Watching cooks prepare bay geese, spinning them on twine skewers over poplar smoke fires. The rivers and the people of this land offer so much for future Pathfinder trips.



Safeguarding the area from dark spirits, moose jaws hang in the trees near Pontax River. photo: sladds

Huntsville Landmark Burns

Monday, Oct. 19
Just as this year's George Liederhaus visitors were packing bags to head up to Camp, news broke that fire had destroyed the Empire Hotel in Huntsville. Alumnus Tim Lamont keeps track of Globe and Mail articles on line, and sent this link for columnist/author Roy MacGregor's remembrance of the Empire.

Gyro Coakley found this video news report online at the Huntsville Forester:


Fall 2009 -- GLM 10th Year

View video clips of GLM10 action!

Team Bodhi & Utah
Zach Arem, Max Brown

Team Powerhaus
James Berking, Conor Peterson

Team Revv
Wyatt Arthurs, Tim Lamont

Team Hide Your Daughters
Adrian Kelly, Tom Zombek

Team Ti Jean Boot Company
Trip Pierson, Jake Pierson

Team Pink Sweater
Andreas Nauleau, Steve Szymkowiak



Team Dutch Rudderers
Brent Hurley, Barrett Wadsworth

Team No Name
Rick Munschauer, Kris Karstedt

Team Ministry of Export
Brian Bissonette, Alex Hurley
2:32:47 * (broken paddle – Heart & Courage Award)

Team Someone Needs to Drive a Boat
Kyle Warren, Grif Edwards

Team T Captains
Aydin Perese, Ben Bristow

Team Crazy for Swayze
Riley Chapple, Adam Mollenberg

Team Sloth
Chris Brackley, Erik Willers

Team Inflammables
Derrick Irwin, Jon Schadt

Team Cooler on Board
Rob Gallagher, Will Hopkins

Team Poco
Mike Floyd, Corey Floyd
Masters, Photo Ops

Team Toncacoo All Stars
Ryan Arthurs, Gill Stanley
Masters, Photo Ops

Team 18% Grey
Mike Sladden, Colin Bristow
Masters, Photo Ops

Team We're Gettin' Married!
Diane Davis, Will Hopkins








Pathfinder Alumni Chatter -- Spring 2009

Canoe L. docks, Apr. 13, 2009

Read anything good lately?
Check our bibliography of good Park/Canoeing books ...

When will the ice go out on Source Lake this year?
Send me an email with your guess. Anywhere from April 20 to May 10. Last year, ice went out on April 25. Guess the date this year and get any item from the Candy Store free!

See who's coming to Pathfinder this year! - Campers and Staff so far ...





Alumni - Pathfinder Needs You!
What can you do to help your old tripping camp up in Algonquin?  Three things:

Refer a new camper, Donate to the scholarship fund, Locate lost alumni.

1) New Campers: do you know a boy who would thrive at Pathfinder. Let us know!

2) Help a Camper in need: give a modest donation to the Algonquin Campership Fund. It sends needy boys to Pathfinder. Every new donor helps us attract more new donors. Our fund is strong and useful - join us!

3) Find lost Pathfinder men: guys we have lost touch with over the years. If you know them, or know where they are, please shout out and let me know!
See the list of Lost Alumni Names ...
Be sure to join the Facebook group CPI, to reconnect with your camp friends!

Email me to help out on any of these fronts. And keep watching this page!

Noonway, sladds

Recent Alumni Messages

Recently I heard from both Neal Hunter and Bruce Ackert ('50s), and Bruce sent from his home in Las Vegas these recollections of his trips ...

We had a nice note from alum Mitch Derrick ('80s) recently. Fun to read ...

Mack Abbot sent me a written rationale he used to enter a university course on politics of resource management. It's always nice to see our guys heading toward professions that reflect the influence of their years in a canoe. Mack's essay ...

Brent Hurley had a wild ride from Argentina to Cape Town South Africa on his tall ship S/V Concordia. Brent is teaching aboard the ship this year as it cruises the world for ClassAfloat. Brent met Ron Irwin in Cape Town and went out on the town. After a 30-day sail full of big seas, bad weather, and huge ice bergs, landfall must have been nice.





Mike Fab and Karl jamming at GD '08

Pathfinder Alumni Chatter -- Holidays 2008

I'm throwing some random news and photos up here while the snow flies in Rochester day after Christmas. Hope you are all doing well, and enjoy the content here. Please send suggestions. sladds

Scroll down and view a few features, including some vintage photos sent to me recently.


Report on Canoe Donations

Wendy, Bill, Sue, Rich Swift

The Swift family is the most recent in a string of generous alumni to donate a trip canoe to Pathfinder. In 2009, a new Hurley canoe will be named Wendy Swift and will take its place on the racks, and be assigned to a Pathfinder Headman. Wendy's children made the gift in observance of Camp's 95th anniversary.

Likewise in 2008, canoes were donated by Steve and Debbie Lapey, who had a nice 1988 Spencer trip canoe, and by Professor Henry 'Pete' French, who commissioned Jack to build a new edition of the Chief Norton #1. Bill Brice also donated a classic, a 1925 Peterborough canoe still in excellent condition for in-camp paddling.

In 2009, we will also be starting a new Hurley trip canoe dedicated to Bob "Guide" Coakley. It is highly appropriate that the CITs of 2009 will be building this boat with the guidance of Jack Hurley. Bravo Bob Guide, and get ready CITs!!!

Currently the Pathfinder fleet stands at 36 top-notch wood-canvas trip canoes! More on the canoe fleet soon. ms



A Few Fun Images

I caught Bob Roggow in a pensive pose at the end of the Pardee-Harness portage in July this summer. I'm here to tell you, Rags has still got it on the trail!







Gyro Coakey and Rags watching over First Set trip departures.






An old snapshot of Bob Guide Coakley leading a trip, ca. 1967. Photo by Roggow, we think. Pathfinder will be naming its next new-build trip canoe for Bob!




Someone sent me this classic shot back in autumn, of Jack Hurley with Swifty. I will bet this was at the 85th camp reunion in @ 1998.







Johnny Baronich in his annual role as Jacques B, the logger/trapper/ladies man with special affection for Pathfinder. Here he's leading some young campers through the Logging Museum in August. Many saw him at the Reunion banquet, where he was key to getting 3 generations of Baronich's to the Island.





Source Laker Thom Dernoga sent me this classic of the old West Gate stop on Hwy. 60. Long gone are the days when you had to answer questions on your plans while in the Park, and the fun of saying 'Pathfinder!' while rolling by unquestioned.


A Real Tripper's Logo

I always get a kick out of the company logo of my first-ever Pathfinder counselor, George Hubbard. I asked him to send a copy and explain how he came up with it.

The Algonquin Advisors logo was created by me and another Pathfinder brave, George Hubbard, Jr.  Using some serious artistic license, we adapted the portage sign found at every trailhead throughout the Park..." Read more ...





9th Annual George Liederhaus Event

Over 30 Pathfinder folks convened in October for yet another "Race Round the Horn" and a Pathfinder Canadian Thanksgiving Feast. The George Liederhaus Memorial is an event founded by Trip and Jake Pierson, dedicated to good times for young alumni and to raising funds for the Algonquin Campership Fund. The Fund makes camp possible for boys in need. This year six Pathfinder boys received aid. Congrats. to all the GLM'ers out there. Check out the race times and read Jake's recap ...

Order of Finish for the 2008 GLM
1 Zach Arem and Max Brown- 1:52:45
2 Tim Lamont and Brian Bissonette- 2:08:17
3 Riley Chapple and Grif Edwards- 2:12:53
4 Ben Bristow and Steve Szymkowiak - 2:15:11
5 Kyle Warren and Adam Kowalski - 2:23:44
6 Trip Pierson and Jake Pierson- 2:25:14
7 Aydin Perese and Finn McCance - 2:28:38


Pathfinder 95th Anniversary Remembered

See who attended the Reunion at Pathfinder! Reunion roster ...

Read alumnus Corot Reason's Reunion Banquet remembrance toast ...

Steve and Debbie Lapey donated a beautiful canoe at Reunion. Steve's comments ...

Reunion Banquet Sat. Aug. 23

Brice donates a classic Peterborough

Brice with Trip Pierson at Reunion

Bill Brice, wife Carole and daughter Whitney met the May Crew boys at Cache Lake landing on May 26. Bill paddled up in a beautiful 1925 Peterborough canoe. He presented it to Pathfinder in honour of the 95th camp anniversary year. Bill and his wife Carol recently wrote to us:

We bought our cottage on Cache Lake in 1970. The owners bought a new Peterborough 16-foot canoe in 1925 when they built the cabin. It has been stored all these years beneath the cottage. No broken ribs or planks. It may need new seats.
We'd be happy for hte canoe to have a new home - at least it's the right color! When we are up this summer I'll call camp to come to the landing and pick it up.

At Reunion Banquet this August, Bill and his family attended and were recognized for this wonderful gift. Thanks Brices!



French Family Donates Canoe for 2008

Henry "Pete" French, a '40s alum and college professor in Rochester has ordered a new trip canoe from Jack Hurley's shop, to give Pathfinder in her 95th season.

Pete wrote us:
I went to Pathfinder as an Ottawa in the 1940s and went through the "chairs," finally becoming a head trip man in the 1950s. Chief Norton was most generous guiding me through and into the camping tradition. As I have noted before, my first trip was with Bill Swift (my neighbor in Brighton) that used the wonderful canvas red canoes.

Bev and I would love to buy a give me the "marching orders" and we will attend in August to see the results. I am most happy to thank Pathfinder for giving me and two of my sons a wonderful legacy in "tripping heaven".

We have two six year old and two eight year old grandchildren. I am in hopes that a third generation of Frenches will have the enjoyment of the North Woods on Source Lake. It is for this reason, that we are pleased to donate a canoe in "Chief's" honor/memory.

What a wonderful program to replace canoes and, at the same time, replace memories for generations to come! This is a legacy that we all appreciate.

Thanks for the opportunity. Cheers!




All Aboard For Reunion 95 in 2008

Source L. rail stop, ca. 1945. Note Chief atop Candy Store.

Alumni! mark your calendar and plan to attend The 95th Anniversary Reunion, to be held at Camp on Aug. 22-24, 2008. The big event will be upon us in less than 3 months!

As of May 30, reservations are rolling back into the camp office and already we have over 90 people attending.

If you are an alumnus of Pathfinder, send Sladds a message and include your updated address and email info. You can also mention other alumni friends who may be 'lost' to Pathfinder, so we may capture their info. and make sure they're invited.

Your invite will have a reply card and return envelope. Please return your family's  enrollment asap, because this event is a first-come, first-served affair. The reply card will ask you if a spouse or children are attending, if you have a sleepage preference such as a particular tent or cabin, or perhaps you are thinking of staying at a local lodge. We will inquire about any dietary preferences, etc.

Tentative schedule for this summer's reunion event includes cocktails and dinner Friday night 8/22, a full Daily Programme of optionals on Saturday, a big banquet Saturday night, and a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning. And a couple of surprises tba.

Kids: Alumni kids are welcome this year, and we have a special reduced rate for them. Children infant to age 6 are free, ages 7-6 are only $65.00, and ages 17+ are the regular adult price. A children's program and meal sittings will be offered.

Pricing: for the 95th anniversary, the Reunion weekend will be priced at $200 per adult. Half the amount covers all meals, banquet beverages, activities, staffing, boat gas, parking permits, etc. The other half is a $100 contribution to a fund that will pay for complete renovation of the Swim Dock in 2009. It's one of the hubs of camp, and a worthy project for this camp milestone year.

This year we are very interested in sharing some of the terrific photographs and films made of Camp over the last 95 summers. Sladds and Glenn have invested time and money to digitize hours of 1930s-'60s home movie footage and '80s-'90s analog video. There are some great scenes! There is much digital moving footage from the past few seasons as well. As far as photographs go, we have 15,000 digitals and counting. Some vintage pix are shown below. Please let us know if you have cool images of your time at Camp. We would like to copy and add yours to the archive!

More 95th Reunion News in coming weeks. Keep in touch with this page and send in your sign up for the event!



Reunion News from the Marks Clan

Apr 29. Andy Marks wrote this morning to update me.

Mike Marks passed March, '05 at age 64. His first year at Pathfinder was 1953 at age 12.  At the time, Jeff 7 and myself 5 were in Lodge I East with Bill Queenan as our counselor.  His son was in the lodge too, I believe.  I don't remember seeing much of Mike as I wrote for "Paddles Flashing..." though Jeff remembers that he kept a good eye on us.  He is missed.
I know that Todd and his hoard of 5 females will be up for the reunion.  Don't know about Scott.  I will be starting a new job tomorrow.  It is at an urgent medical care center which runs from 8AM-10PM  365 D/Y. Getting time off for vacations is always a challenge.  But I will give it my best shot!

Dispatch From Iraq: Lt. Ted Hubbard

editor's note: Our friend and fellow Headman Ted Hubbard is a Marine Corps officer, stationed in Ramadi, Iraq for some months now. Ted is a long-time camper and staff member at Pathfinder. A graduate of Boston College, Ted followed brother George, father George Sr. and uncle Tom Hubbard to Pathfinder Island. Ted's era at Pathfinder saw him lead trips throughout Algonquin and to far-away destinations like the Missinaibi River and Lake Superior. Today Ted's leadership is a matter of life and death.

We've been hearing from Ted pretty regularly, and are grateful to read that his units have had success and are not experiencing a lot of fighting in the city at this stage of the war. It's a long way and a long time to be away from home, so please keep this fellow Pathfinder in your thoughts.

read Ted's letter in November '07 ...
read Ted's reflection on Camp Pathfinder ...
send Ted greetings ...



Vintage Images of Pathfinder

First, a watercolor of the Dining Hall painted by our own Jeff Miller; a view of the Dining Hall from the water in the late 1930s; a group of Pathfinder boys ca. 1937; and two photos of campers and staff, 1945.


Hargraves Reconnect With Camp



In August, 1940s alum Bob Hargrave (above, center) arrived at Source Lake with a half dozen canoes and his extended family of kids and grand-kids. The whole crew paddled up into Bruce and Raven Lakes, and made an inspection tour of Pathfinder. Among the visitors was Bob's son Tom Hargrave, who attended Pathfinder in the 1970s. Tom's Cree-aged sons Cooper and Peter took a look around and promptly asked to sign up for 2008. So, the family tradition continues. Recently, Tom sent in these two terrific pictures from Bob's camper years: Mr. Hargrave on the portage with his tumped camper roll in a duffel, and his trip relaxing at the rocky point site on Owl L.

Alumni friends: if you're reading this and have camp photos or memorabilia please contact Sladds. We are building a nice archive on our way to the 95th anniversary.








1960s Kodachromes from Mike Smith

Alumnus Mike Smith was kind to send us some Kodachromes from the early ‘60s. Here are some great ones, depicting canvas "Palace" trip tents, tin tub canoes, the old pontoon boat with awning, the swim dock, etc. Terrific stuff.





Camp Legends Glimpsed in Movie Frames

Who can you recognize from scenes filmed by Al Chestnut in the 1940s? Faces here include Chief Norton, Lou Montgomery, Tom Dodd, Ralph Tichenor, and Norm Roggow.


'80s Boys Meet in Maine

Early November found a few Pathfinder guys gathering at Mark T. Smith's abode down east. Pictured are Smitty, Jay, Mac and Gyro. Seated out of picture were Mitch Anderson, GT Laub, Sky Foulkes, Simon Mortimer, Sladds, Jamey Bumbalo, Pete Lang.





George Liederhaus Memorial Race Weekend 2007

With lead men Trip Pierson and Glenn Arthurs up front, your racers are pictured here, with many more spectators, at the 8th annual event. Everyone spent a fun-filled October weekend at Camp, and raised thousands toward the Algonquin Campership Fund. The Fund provides scholarships to needy boys and girls to attend Pathfinder and Northway. Zach and Tim set a course record (see results below).


GLM Results

Tim & Zach at the finish.

GLM ’07 Results

1). Zach Arem & Tim Lamont    2:01.47 (New Record)
2). Grif Edwards & Riley Chapple    2:16.21
3).Laird Robertson & Matt DK    2:25.51
4). Ryan ARthurs & Cam Quinn    2:30.44
5). Shrub Gallagher & Gavin Street    2:45.19
6). Otis Rogers & Gabe Lullo        2:47.09 (Bone)
7). Brian Bissonette & Ben Crovella    2:50.07
8). Trip Pierson & Glenn Arthurs    2:55.19
9). Brent Hurley & Norm Callaway    2:56.36
10). Derrick Irwin & Alex Thomson    3:01.09
11). Katie Rand & Karl Doench    3:03.59






Alumni Seen and Heard - 2007 Season

A Prelude to the 94th Summer

NYC Alumni Visit
After a camp open house in Manhattan last winter, an alumni gathering at Chumley’s on the lower west side. From left: Katie Rand, Ryan Kelley, Tim Emmerick, Wyatt Arthurs, Rob Childs, Christina Hynes, Sladds.

March on Cache Lake
Well, o.k. it’s not summer, but the season started early this  year. Sladds headed north in March with Mac Rand to check on camp and meet up on a sunny Cache Lake Sunday with birthday boys Jack Hurley and Tom Pigeon. These two are behind the scenes players essential to any successful Pathfinder summer. The season ahead was the hot topic on this cool Algonquin day. Brent mayor Jake Pigeon arrived with wife Bonnie and their sons Forest and Sky.








Ice Out Moment
Ryan Arthurs and Karl Doench met Sladds at Source in late April to start the show. Thaw the pump tank, put in the water line, open the kitchen, and check the Island for damage.
Keep the stove hot in the PX, and get ready for the May Crew to arrive.

Stacey Teaches Zed Drag to June Headmen
Jeff instructs the ORCA whitewater clinic for Pathfinder Headmen in June. Jeff was a director of Paddlefoot for some years, but has dropped his paddle briefly to attend Teachers College at Trent University. The clinic was a huge success, and our boys came away with ORCA II Moving Water certification.




All Hail Gyro
Staff Week ‘07 was capped by a special presentation, honoring Jim “Gyro" Coakley with a new trip canoe crafted by Jack Hurley and Graham England in Gyro’s name. Serving Pathfinder since 1961, Gyro remains on Staff each summer counseling the trip staff, from the little details to the big missions.

At the ceremony, attended by all Staff and many alumni, Graham explains the derivation of Gyro, from the cartoon character Gyro Gearloose. From left: Mac Rand, Jack Hurley, Graham England, Gyro.

Group photo, from left: back row Mike Rogers, Lynn Coakley, Karl Doench, Leslie Sladden, Wendy Swift, Gyro, Graham England, Jamey Bumbalo, Mac Rand, Rich Swift, Bob Coakley, Mary Chestnut, Sladds; front row: Jack Hurley, Adam Mollenberg, Glenn Arthurs, Erik Willers, Mike Fabrizio, Corey Floyd, Adrian Kelly.




Brent and Swifts
During first half, Tripping Director Brent Hurley got in the picture with Jack and Katie Warner, Sue Swift Warner’s next generation of trippers. Brent’s holding a snapshot of their grandparents Swifty and Wendy, with Brent’s mom Peggy, from the golden early days of Algonquin Outfitters. Jack was a Mic-Chipp for the first time this season, and Katie is a Northway Lodge girl.

At Cache Rec. Lodge
Late July found Gyro, Simon Mortimer and Mac Rand inspecting the last remaining ruins of the famous Cache Lake Rec. Lodge, razed this year after the heavy snow load of winter ’06 collapsed the beloved landmark. Only memories remain.


R.Q. Anderson Canoe Dedication
Ambrose Night Honors for RQ Anderson. Brooks Anderson hosts the dedication of a Pathfinder trip canoe to his father, R.Q. Anderson, as guest of honor Quin looks on. The canoe dock was loaded with a full camper contingent, and dozens of alumni and Anderson family members. Quin’s remarks in acceptance of the banquet night honor included his enduring advice, “leave this place better than you found it.”


Two from the ‘80s.
Mitchell Anderson and Simon Mortimer hadn’t seen each other in over 20 years when they met in Stalker Park this summer, but the conversation picked right up where they left off. Mitch runs a restaurant in Atlanta, and Simon a law firm in Toronto, but the talk was of canoe routes and good times on Pathfinder nights off.



A New Brack!
Owen Martin Brackley, born early this summer to Chris and Angi. Beautiful boy with a paddling plan.



Rob and Tanya bring Caitlyn up North
New baby on the Island! Shrub and Tanya ventured far from the nursery at home to show off their gorgeous daughter this summer.




Some of the ’07 Ladies of CPI
In the office one evening, from left: Grace Herman, Katie Rand, Susan Pala, Jill Pala, and Heidi Arthurs back row; Keenan Toohey, Katie Mackey, Mary Chestnut front.




Nails and Mary Keeping it Real
Jim ‘Nails’ Kennedy visited for the final week of First Half, bringing Dining Hall bits, and generally tending the fires of tradition like no other. Assistant Director Mary Chestnut and Nails kept us in stitches at the Head Table. Nails’ son Jake was an Ottawa tripper this summer.


Will Callaway came up from North Carolina in August to help run Family Camp, welcomed to the Island by CIT Director Ryan Arthurs and DOT Zach Arem.



A Two-Herman Chapel
During Second Half, both John Herman ('60s) and daughter Grace, a current staff member, stood before the camp and delivered a co-chapel talk at the Jeanne Norton Chapel. Dave Herman was also at camp this summer, a full season Ottawa.











Charlotte Acer's 1950s Sketches

In 2006, we had a great guy named Brett Harriss come up to work Second Half as a Headman. Rob Childs and George Hubbard recommended Brett. Then Brett told me his grandparents had been on the staff at Pathfinder in the Chief Norton era.

In the 1950s this Buffalo couple, Oscar and Charlotte Acer, came to work at Camp. She was the arts and crafts director, he was a trip headman. Their daughters, age 3 & 6, came along too, and spent the summer at a busy boys’ camp.

Charlotte made these pencil sketches of scenes on the island. Note especially the lanterns hung as night lights along the trails, the location of a sailboat dock near Lodge III, and views of a float plane at the canoe dock. This probably belonged to Park superintendent Frank MacDougall, whose son attended Pathfinder.





Some Pathfinder Alumni Memories

Alberto Hidalgo, Havana Cuba

Camp Pathfinder, 1948

My brother Manuel and I spent one of the most unforgettable summers at Camp Pathfinder in 1948.

I was 13 years of age at the time and my brother was 9. Our parents brought us from our home in Havana, Cuba for this experience. I stayed in a tent with two other boys and my staff man, Charlie Perlham, from Rochester, NY. He had attended Canisius College and he always wore the school colors with pride. My brother stayed in one of the lodges with several staff and lots of other kids.

On Sundays, we would ride the rails in a put-put to the Highland Inn Hotel on Cache Lake (now torn down) for Sunday Mass. During that summer, I learned to swim. As I progressed in my swimming skills, I qualified successively for row boating, canoeing and sailing. Once I was qualified for canoeing, I went on portaging trips with three other staff and many other kids. Once, after a turn in the trail, I walked up to a full grown stag with a huge rack! Needless to say, we pulled back slowly, until he disappeared in the woods.

I will never forget camping under the stars on cool summer nights and then waking up to harvest blueberries for a blueberry pancake breakfast at the campfire. One night, back at Camp, Charlie woke me up excitedly in the middle of the night. I got up to an unforgettable sight: the aurora borealis! It was like a bright, undulating curtain waving across the northern sky.

In 1971, while camping with my family (my wife and six children) in Algonquin Park, we visited the dock at Source Lake, but could not visit the Camp.

I recently found the Camp Pathfinder website and it brought back many happy memories of our childhood. It is good to see that Camp Pathfinder is still going strong and remains a marvelous summer experience for children.

Alberto F. Hidalgo, Ph. D.
Odessa, Florida




Bill Cass, Eliot Maine (formerly Buffalo NY)

Remembering Camp Pathfinder, 1940s

On a whim recently I stuck "Camp Pathfinder" in a Google search and found the website. First, its a very good site...

But secondly it was very satisfying to see that Pathfinder is still there.......  !!

I was a camper, Chippewa if I remember correctly, way back in 1940 and 1941and remember Chief Norton, and "Tick" very well...  I was from Buffalo back then, now live in Maine.. and also remember taking the train to camp as it stopped in Buffalo and had the Rochester campers already aboard.  We all had blue shirts with Pathfinder in red above the pockets back then.... got the clothes at Sibley, Lindsay and Curr in Rochester..

Learned to swim at Pathfinder.... my grandfather had told me he would get me a sailboat as soon as I did... great incentive.. but probably the reason I was at Pathfinder for only two summers.  The boat ended up being a 10' Peterborough sailing dinghy exactly like one of the two at Pathfinder in those days. I had that boat on Lake Erie until 1953 when I graduated from Hobart College and headed for the US Army at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  Sold it to a friend....

I was a dedicated fisherman even way back then, and had brought my lake trout wire line deep trolling rig to camp with me... caught quite a few  lakers in Source Lake while there.  I remember that the camp cook was only too glad to serve them, too, along with batches of frogs legs we managed to catch on the old floating brush pile.

The one trip I most remember included Opeongo, Burnt Island, and I seem to remember a lake off the western upper end of Opeongo that might have been called Green? At any rate, the color of the water was close to that and perfectly clear.  Didn't know what fish there might be in it but quickly found lots of smallmouth bass.  Had a good supper that night...

Enjoyed reading through the reports, comments etc. and glad you are still going strong.  I had lots of outdoor exposure and experience before getting to Pathfinder as a result of spending time from four years of age on up at my grandfathers camp on Pythonga Lake in Quebec (that's why I knew how to catch lake trout) but learned a great deal there, and look back on that time with fondness.

I went on to the world of work, and ended up the Orvis Company in Manchester, VT for about 12 years which was great for a fly fisherman, and ended up going back to school at age 60 and getting a Masters in Counseling at the University of New Hampshire, where I worked as a career counselor until 2002 when I retired.

I'm doing a bit of woodworking these days, and of course fishing, and at going on 74 years and in pretty good health expect at least a few more good years. I keep a web site going that you might enjoy looking at, its at:

That old brush pile was something....  If it is long gone or no one else remembers it, it was along the south shore of the island and consisted of three at least, maybe four huge logs hooked together at their ends to make a floating frame.  If memory serves me well, boards had been laid on top of the logs to serve as a walkway. Into this was dumped all the cuttings and clearings of brush  and wood, to allow them to deteriorate and sink to the bottom. The frame logs were plenty big enough for 9 and 10 year old boys to step on and still stay afloat.  The bullfrog population was huge, both in numbers and in size of each frog. While the food in the mess hall was excellent, there were a couple of us who had tasted frogs legs in the past, which is what prompted the foraging on the brush pile once the frogs were discovered.  I am sure that this was not officially viewed as a desirable or encouraged use of camper's spare time, but we sure learned how to catch bullfrogs.

Hard to believe that was 63 years ago or thereabouts...

Anyway, enough of an old man's ramblings, just wanted to let you know how glad I was to find that Pathfinder's still there and looking good.....

Bill Cass, Eliot, Maine


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