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For Pathfinder Parents - Summer Notes

Early Spring 2017

Dear Pathfinder Parents,

Time to start gearing up for the 104th Pathfinder season! Here are the basics for March preparations.

1. Pay balance of tuition April 1
If you need a copy of your camper tuition statement, let us know.

2. Camper Forms 2017
Find the current health, transport and gear order forms linked here.

Pre-Season 2016

Algonquin Park Boys Camp

Looking Ahead to the 103rd Pathfinder Summer

As of May 15, the Park has welcomed Spring at last. While nights remain very cool, days are generally warming. The ice that was 'candling' on April lakes and waterways became open rivers and creeks, then it was Ice-Out around May 1. The water in mid-May is still terribly cold, but the forest is waking up and warming for sure. May Crew arrived on time and get to work opening up the Island. We've hosted the first of our spring school friends, and even tripped through Head, Louisa and Rock Lakes for a few days. See conditions from Algonquin Park ...

Getting Ready
Pathfinder families, new and veteran, read your email bulletin and look over the information and forms here.

Welcome New Families!

Brand new to Pathfinder? Enrolling your son for his first year? Browse all the pages here under 'For Parents,' and be sure to read our FAQs and overview essay for new families titled "Camp Moms Ask ..." You'll find answers to many of your questions, but please feel free to call Sladds any time, 585-249-0716 winter / 705-633-5553 summer.

Veteran Families
Look ahead to your camper's new tripping horizons and in-camp activity choices. Double check places and times for camp transportation, and advice on smooth travel for your camper. If your camper is moving up to an older tribe, he will get to do more tripping, so check his life vest and trip boots, he probably grew!

Camp Forms
For early April, here are the essential camp forms: Transport Form, Gear Order Form, Tuition Statement. Your statement was sent by email when your camper's enrollment was confirmed. Use it to pay your balance now, and get in touch with Sladds if you need a copy. Also please print and complete/return the following:
Transport Form '16 ...

Gear Order Form '16 ...

Health Form '16 ...

From Pathfinder Parents

"A huge thank-you to you and all your incredible staff at Pathfinder. Coulter was delivered to us safely yesterday, complete with big smiles and a goodbye hug for his counselor. Coulter had a wonderful two weeks! He tells us next year he will be a Cree and wants to go for the entire first half. So, as I am sure you have experienced before, you have hooked another camper. The goal for Bill and me was that he would love camp and want to go back. This was certainly achieved. Please pass along a big thank you to all your staff, his counselors, the swim staff, the cook staff, from Coulter and his parents. Many thanks  again – our expectations were exceeded."

Janet and Bill, Toronto

Canoe Camp for Boys
War canoe sprints.

Pathfinder enjoys a loyal and active parent community. Please feel free to contact the Camp Director at any time, to receive a list of parents who are happy to discuss details of the Pathfinder experience.

I want to thank you a billion times over for providing Charlie with such an exceptional camp experience. He came out of camp a different kid -- strong physically and emotionally, and most importantly confident in himself. It seemed as though all of a sudden I saw the man in the boy. It was really cool ..
Lauren C.

Russ had an awesome time this summer! Kudos and many thanks and appreciation for how well his trip counselors handled him. Please let them know we thought it was a job well done. Great job.
Laurel B.

Phil and Joe had a great time this year at Pathfinder. Thanks again for making their camp experience so special.
Jim and Pam D.

We want to thank you for allowing us to be a small part of this chapter of Pathfinder's great history since 2000. Patrick and Conor are 'hooked' and committed for the future. The world around us seems to be more disheveled and troubling daily. Camp continues to teach the critically important basic values that the young men who are fortunate to be part of the experience will be able to rely on in the tough times they will encounter in their lives. Thank you and Noonway!
Peter and Mary H.

Boys summer camp in Algonquin Park
Friends for life, back from the trip.

We really enjoyed our visit. Pathfinder is awesome! We are so happy were able to see this wonderful place Peter has called home for the past month. It is beautiful and full of adventure. Just from our brief visit we were able to see how well run the camp is ... great role models for the boys. Enjoy the rest of your summer. I can't wait to visit again, and I'm looking forward to hearing all about Peter's fun times.
Carolyn W.

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