Algonquin Campership Fund
est. 2000 - 
To provide camperships to children in need, to attend a canoe tripping camp in Algonquin Park.

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Provide camperships to children in need, to attend a canoe tripping camp in Algonquin Park.
Making a donation to Algonquin Campership Fund is quick and easy, tax-deductible, and 100% of your gift is devoted to camper awards!


The ACF Mission
Provide camperships to children in need, to attend a canoe tripping camp in Algonquin Park.
Children may reside anywhere in the United States.
Emphasis on children in western New York. 
Scholarship criteria includes financial need and extraordinary circumstances in a camper’s life. 
Awards may cover up to 100% of camp costs for a qualifying family.


ACF History
ACF Since 2000 – Over $1,200,000 of Fantastic Support From People Like You!
In 2000, Pathfinder alumni Scott Forsyth and Trip Pierson helped camp owners the Prewitts, Arthurs and Sladdens create a fund to help boys and girls attend camps Pathfinder and Northway. Administered as a scholarship fund through the Rochester Area Community Foundation (RACF), Algonquin Campership Fund (ACF) allows camp alumni, parents and friends to make tax-deductible charitable gifts directly benefitting families and school groups with limited financial resources. Fundraising and the recruitment and review of applicants is handled by a steering committee of Northway and Pathfinder alumni.

Fund Performance
The results? As ACF celebrates 18 years, $800,000 has been granted to individual summer campers and to inner city student groups using camp for vital outdoor education experiences. In 2017, over $40,000 was awarded. Meanwhile, the Fund’s endowment remains at a strong and growing $590,000, up $100,000 from the previous year. ACF has minimal overhead costs: virtually all of the giving goes to the kids. Think of it! We have generated over one million dollars of support, both for the camps we love and the young people who need a helping hand to experience camp’s amazing lifelong effects.

Who Gets? Who Gives?
Who gets? In 2017, dozens of campers – as individuals and in approved school groups – benefitted from ACF support to attend Northway and Pathfinder. The goals for 2017-2018 are to increase the ACF donor base, and to re-engage traditional donors. The 2017 season was typical for ACF: 2 girls and 6 boys attended Northway and Pathfinder as ACF campership awardees. ACF has also developed highly successful outdoor education partnerships with three schools in low-income urban centers. In 2017, these schools in Rochester and Buffalo sent students to Pathfinder scholastic programs with help from ACF awards. Several notable alumni of these school partnerships have gone on to work on the Pathfinder staff!

Who gives? ACF rank-and-file donor participation can inspire greater support from other foundations and family trusts that support ACF. When more alumni give, when more current parents give, when more young alumni give, ACF attracts support from more large-scale donors! Your giving can also be matched by a donor’s employer.

When to Give? Right Now!  How to Give? Online or By Mail.

Online Option 
Click right to our giving page at the Community Foundation: Go to RACF ...

Postal Mail Option
Make check to Algonquin Campership Fund, and mail: Rochester Area Community Foundation, 500 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607. For details from RACF:

Comments from some of our ACF Campers:

1)     “I grew the most in my self-confidence…I found myself helping others get through the hard times…I realized that I really am a capable person who can make the best of any situation.”

2)     “The canoe trips were so exciting because we got to portage and slide down the Pardee waterslides. I definitely want to go back to Pathfinder next year for more memorable experiences.”

3)     “I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime that I will never forget. It was the best summer I could have possibly had with the best group of guys…Thank you for making a life-lasting memory for me, and also for the friendships I have made with the kids on my trip and the staff.”


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