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Rand Staff Fund

Mac Rand, owner '83-'99.

The Rand family offers small grants to current Pathfinder Staff for professional development. For info., email Mac at
or click for Instructions.

Pathfinder is extremely proud of our expert and friendly staff. Most staff members come up through the ranks, having learned the "Pathfinder Way" from years as campers and junior counselors. Each year, more 'graduating' campers join the historic ranks of the Pathfinder Staff.

Pathfinder directors and senior staff each have 15-30 years of experience at Pathfinder. Our front line counselors go through an extensive apprenticeship including professional outdoor certifications in medical care, lifesaving and paddling leadership. Their apprenticeship, plus their empathy - having been campers themselves - give our counselors the right perspective for helping Pathfinder campers get the most from the experience. The staff are uniquely able to caretake Pathfinder tradition, that 'Camp is for the kids,' and they have solid hard skills in the outdoors.

Headmen photo 2015

All the training and support, plus years paddling the routes of Pathfinder's trip program, give our Trip Staff the experience they need to be great trip guides and role models for campers. The trip staff are simply the best that can be found anywhere in canoe country children's camping.

Back on the island each season, Pathfinder alumni of all ages join the Alumni in Residence program, to return to Camp and make their mark once again, sharing our traditions with the next generation. And the In-Camp Staff, male and female, ages 17 to 70, complement Pathfinder's tripping program with a variety of activities and a lot of personal attention.

Glenn Arthurs

Youngstown, NY
St. Lawrence University

Glenn started as a camper at Pathfinder in 1960, serving as a staff member and headman in the '70s, a parent through the '90s and 2000s, and a perennial volunteer supporter before joining in ownership in 1999.

Glenn is Director of Investments with Morgan Stanley in Buffalo, NY He has been a member of the firm since 1983, and a member of its Directorís Council since 1987. Glenn's sons Wyatt and Ryan were also longtime Pathfinder campers and staff men, and his daughter Lindsay, a lifelong Northway camper / counselor moved to Source Lake to herself spend seasons on the Pathfinder staff.

Mike Sladden

Rochester, NY
Connecticut College

Sladds started as a Cree at Pathfinder, a third generation camper and staff man in the 1970s and '80s.

He received degrees in history and english literature from Connecticut College '81, where a concentration in photographic history led him to graduate work at SUNYís Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester. He soon joined the curatorial staff of the International Museum of Photography and Film/George Eastman House in 1986, becoming curator of education in 1989. Over the next decade Sladds directed the museumís school-aged and lay audience education programs, working as both a team member and manager on numerous exhibitions and public programs interpreting the history, art and technology of photography.

Sladds hails from Rochester, NY. Sons Jack and Quin are longtime campers, now staff men. Sladds spends six months in residence at Pathfinder and the winter months working from Rochester. He is Camp's full-time Director.

Mike Sladden, Camp Director


Rochester, NY

This summer marks Sladds' 16th year as owner-director. He started at Pathfinder as a Cree, age 11, was a camper in the early '70s, and has been a Headman, Director of Canoeing, Alumni volunteer and parent since 1984. Certifications: Wilderness First Responder (WFR), Level II Instructor in Ropes Course leadership through CUI/ACCT, and ORCA Moving Water I-II. Sladds attended Allendale School, Phillips Exeter Academy ('77), and Connecticut College ('81). He worked for 13 years on the staff, and was curator of education, at the International Museum of Photography and Film, George Eastman House. Sladds is a committee member of the Ontario Camps Association and an expert content provider to Expert Online Training, a North American camp staff training service. In 2012, he was elected a fellow of the Canadian Society of Camp Directors.



Mary Chestnut, Assistant Director


Williamsville, NY
College of Wooster / Teacher Wellsville Schools (ret)

Mary has been an invaluable part of the Pathfinder experience for more than a quarter century. Her dad Al was a staff man and met her mother Helen, the camp nurse, just after WWII. While Mary attended Oconto, her brothers also made their own mark on Camp over the decades. Mary came into the Pathfinder front office from a career as waterfront director and was the first femaie to hold a senior title. At camp today, she manages operations and finance. Mary recently retired from a career in† middle school math instruction in Wellsville, New York. Likely Mary's will be the cheerful voice on the phone during summers. Ask her what any boy is doing at Camp that day, and she'll know!

Aydin Perese, Director of Tripping

San Antonio, TX
University of Texas, San Antonio / Private tutor

Aydin and Kaya will be in the HMR this season, running the tripping program. Aydin is a camp regular over 15 years on Soruce Lake, a staff man and headman, area supervisor, and canoeing director. He is a longtime member of the Pathfinder school program guide staff, and an accomplished ropes course facilitator.

Alexis Blanchard, Program Director

Syracuse, NY / Rochester, NY
Monroe Community College / Midtown Athletic Club

Alexis came to Pathfinder in 2013 to work the autumn school program, and returned as a program staff member last summer. She has a half-season of Program Director already under her belt and will be putting out the Daily Programme all summer this year.

Gill Stanley, Director of Facility

Buffalo, New York
Hobart College / Stanley Steel Co.

Gill began his camper career in 1999. A longtime staff man and headman, he has been facility director for the past five years and has headed projects such as the Swim Dock and Motorboat Dock renovations, as well as guiding the Dining Hall renovation for the Centennial year, and maintaining the pace of cabin repair and tent platform replacement. Gill's also a licensed boat captain and celebrated videographer of all things Pathfinder.

Warren McDermott, Director of Canoe Shop

Fairport, NY / Portland, OR
Whitman College / Werner Wood Design owner, craftsman

A camper since 2001 and a longtime staff man and headman,† Warren become director of the new canoe shop in 2011. He will be in charge of maintaining the canoe fleet and woodworking activities, daily teaching younger staff and campers to create, fix and care for Pathfinder's amazing wood canoe fleet.

Kathryn Babin, Director of Canoeing/Area Supervisor

Fairport, NY / Portland, Oregon
Middlebury College / Catlin-Gabel School faculty

Kathryn has spent 18 summers in Algonquin Park. She spent time as camper, counselor and both assistant director adn director of tripping at the historic girls' camp, Northway Lodge. For four summers Kathryn headed the Pathfinder Waterfront and swim program. She became a director of canoeing in 2013 and shares the role this season with Quin Sladden. She is an area supervisor for the Cree tribe.

Quin Sladden, Director of Canoeing/Area Supervisor

Rochester, NY
Monroe Community College / Outdoor educator

Quin literally grew up at Pathfinder and has been a camper staff man and headman since 1999, as well as ropes course staff, area supervisor, and in a second year as director of canoeing. He spends spring and fall as a guide in the Pathfinder school program and most recently worked the ski season at Stratton Mountain, VT. This winter he returned to student life in Rochester, while assisting with camp's web and media activities. He assists our school partners Rochester World of Inquiry School and Allendale Columbia School in outdoor education programming.

Theresa Moran, Camp Nurse

Toronto, ON
Registered Nurse

Theresa returns for a second year at Pathfinder. While she calls herself retired from a long career in hospital based care, Theresa is very active in recent years served in northern Canadian native communities as a nurse and health advisor.

Jim 'Gyro' Coakley

Grantham, NH
Dartmouth College / Wilmington College CFO (ret)

Jim Coakley has been active with Pathfinder since the early 1960s and was a headman to Sladds and Glenn in their camper days, as well as serving as a tripping director and longtime alumni guest staffer with a specialty in trip staff mentoring. In 2012-13, 'Gyro' served as camp's Alumni Director, helping to organize the Centennial celebration. He and his wife Sue are active skiers, hikers and community members on Lake Eastman in NH.

Jamey Bumbalo

Camden, ME
Johns Hopkins Univ. / Camden Schools teacher (ret)

Jamey started at Pathfinder in the '70s, hailing from Jamestown, NY. A veteran camper and headman, he returned for alumni guest residency years way back in 2000 and is taking on the role this year of Alumni Director. Jamey's experience as an area supervisor and veteran trucker are very welcome to our busy tripping program.

Pete Johnson

Buffalo, NY
SUNY Buffalo / Elmwood Franklin School faculty

Pete has been leading student groups at Pathfinder, both summer and winter, for over 20 years. He's an ace area supervisor and trip trucker, and shares expert knowledge as a senior hockey / lacrosse coach and director of physical education for EFS.

Jim 'Tiger' Lion

Williamsville, NY
Syracuse University / Tiger Lion Companies, Buffalo

El Tigre tripped with Pathfinder in his 1970s camper years under legendary owner Roy Thrall. Today he brings both camp heritage and the kind of friendliness and encouragement for campers that Roy would be so proud of.

Josh Anderson

Wenham, Massachusetts
St. Lawrence Univ. / MIT / Consultant

John Herman

Boston, MA
Univ. Wisconsin / As. Chief Psychiatry, Mass General Hospital

Fernanda Muniz, Camp Chef

Thania Flores, Camp Cook

Jenny Couto, Cook Assistant

Dario Trujillo, Cook Assistant

Finn McCance, Senior Headman

Aberdeen, UK
University of Aberdeen / Restaurant chef

Joe Egan, Senior Headman

Westfield, MA
Pathfinder Outdoor Education
Ski Race Coach, Jackson Hole, WY

Callum McCance, Senior Headman

Glasgow, UK

University Of Glasgow

Evan Dent, Senior Headman

Chicago, IL

McGill University

Jake Kennedy, Senior Headman

Sewanee, Tennessee

Sewanee: The University of The South

JP Carey, Senior Headman

Wilmington, DE

St. Lawrence University

Tim Goodwin, Third Year Headman

Pittsburgh, PA / Denver, CO

Wake Forest University

Rob Strasenburgh, Third Year Headman

Pittsford, NY / Stowe, VT

Wells College / NOLS-Patagonia

Russ Hanson, Third Year Headman

Toronto, ON / Northfield, Minnesota

Carleton College

Nick Simon, Third Year Headman

Chicago, IL

University of Dayton

Joe Duggan, Second Year Headman

Buffalo, NY

St. Lawrence University

Emmett Peterson, Second Year Headman

Burlington, VT

Bates College

Ben Richardson, Second Year Headman

Victoria, British Columbia

University of Victoria

Ian Moeser, Second Year Headman

Buffalo, NY

SUNY Genesseo

Rafa Parra, Second Year Headman

Zaragoza, Spain
CEU San Pablo University

Wyatt Peterson, Second Year Headman

Berlin, VT

St. Lawrence University

Arch Fraser, Rookie Headman

Dallas, Texas

Carleton College

Riley Hanson, Rookie Headman

Toronto, ON

NOLS - Patagonia

Josh Osinski, Rookie Headman

Buffalo, NY

University of Denver

Zach Reeber, Rookie Headman

Westchester, NY

Cornell University

Peter Shea, Rookie Headman

Amherst, NY

Nazareth College

Rio Moore, Rookie Headman

Boulder, Colorado

Montana State University

Drew Branson, Rookie Headman

Ottawa, Ontario

Queen's University

Julian Baker, Rookie Headman

Meaford, Ontario

Dalhousie University

Timo Krapf, Rookie Headman

Pittsford, NY

George Brown College

Ty Roberts, Rookie Headman

Sewickley, PA

Elon University

Jaime Parra, Rookie Headman

Zaragoza, Spain

Universidad de Zaragoza

Erica Mason, Director Mic Macs / Chippewas

Buffalo, NY

Canisius College

Clara Bonnor, Waterfront Director

Toronto, ON
McGill University / Kings College, London

Alyssa Jones, Waterfront staff

Ithaca, NY

University of Vermont

Mimi Deacon, Waterfront Staff

Toronto, Ontario

University of Ottawa

Ellen Sherwood, Waterfront Staff

Rochester, NY
University of Rochester

Stephanie Galbraith, Arts&Crafts / Mics&Chips

Aberdeen, Scotland UK
University of Aberdeen


Alex Holmwood
Williamsville, NY

Sam Egan
Seattle, WA

Oren Karp
Pepperell, MA

Aidan Curtin
Alfred, NY

Jack Hourihane
Buffalo, NY

Sam Adams
Buffalo, NY

Nolan Fisher
Santa Barbara, CA

Bo Whitney
Buffalo, NY


Coulter Deacon
Toronto, ON

Peter Koch
San Francisco, CA

Finn Clark
New York, NY

Jason Steiniger
Tarpon Springs, FL

Dylan Moeser
Buffalo, NY

Alberto Gonzalez
Zaragoza, Spain

Gideon Crawford
Bethesda, MD

Tareq Saghie
New York, NY

Bruce Atwood
South Royalton, VT

Etienne Demers
Montreal, QC

Jack Sladden
Rochester, NY

Henry Hoffert
E. Montpelier, VT

Kaleb Chitaphong
Rochester, NY

Jack Brownrigg
Burlingame, CA

Simon McNamee
Ottawa, ON

Robbie Foley
Bexley, OH

Manny Sosa
Huixquillican, Mexico

Will Aubrecht
East Aurora, NY

Mack Bass
Buffalo, NY

Matt Blum
Toronto, ON

Ignacio Bustamante
Madrid, Spain

Brandon Centini
Calgary, AB

Owen Curtin
Alfred, NY

Addison Egan
Seattle, WA

Alex Fenn
Ottawa, ON

Yak Fishman
Lutherville, MD

Aidan Fitzgerald
Waterloo, ON

Rupert French
Toronto, ON

Chris O'Brien
Chagrin Falls, OH

Jake Ostrowski
Buffalo, NY

Ben Sanford
Rockville, MD

Liam Shea
Ottawa, ON

Hunter Thomson
Buffalo, NY

Luke West
Painted Post, NY

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