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Alumni In Residence 

Jim "Gyro" Coakley

Jim Coakley

Grantham, NH
Dartmouth College / Wilmington College CFO (ret)

Jim Coakley has been active with Pathfinder since the early 1960s and was a headman to Sladds and Glenn in their camper days, as well as serving as a tripping director and longtime alumni guest staffer with a specialty in trip staff mentoring. In 2012-13, 'Gyro' served as camp's Alumni Director, helping to organize the Centennial celebration. He and his wife Sue are active skiers, hikers and community members on Lake Eastman in NH.

Jamey Bumbalo

Jamey Bumbalo

Camden, ME
Johns Hopkins Univ. / Camden Schools teacher (ret)

Jamey started at Pathfinder in the '70s, hailing from Jamestown, NY. A veteran camper and headman, he returned for alumni guest residency years way back in 2000 and is taking on the role this year of Alumni Director. Jamey's experience as an area supervisor and veteran trucker are very welcome to our busy tripping program.

Josh Anderson

Josh Anderson

Jim "Tiger" Lion

Jim Lion

Pete Johnson

Pete Johnson
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