2018 Alumni Reunion

Celebrating Camp Pathfinder's 105th Anniversary
Aug. 24 - 26, 2018

"As we lay down our heads on our soft balsam beds, we thank the Great Spirit our blood runs Pathfinder red!" 
For 105 years, Camp Pathfinder has preserved the practice of traditional canoe-tripping in cedar canvas canoes. Our campers and staff have paddled and portaged Algonquin's routes, set up tents and created delicious meals over fire. While gear, technology, and best practices have evolved over the years, what lies at the core of Pathfinder and it's trippers never changes-- Let's Celebrate!


Weekend Preview

Friday, August 24: Arrive on the Island. Find your sleepage and catch up! 6:00pm- Dinner. *

Saturday, August 25: 8:30am- Breakfast. 10am- Treks, talks, tours. 1pm-Lunch. PM- World's longest staff swim party! 6pm- Banquet Dinner.

Sunday, August 26: Buffet Breakfast served all morning. Island departures!

*Boat rides and buffet meal for late arrivals


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